My extended family :-)

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  1. First, I must apologize for the picture quality...our digital camera takes really crappy flash pictures.

    Here we go, first of all, les cousins Monsac, my first real quality bags. The red one is croc and I'd forgotten how much I like it until I pulled it out for this picture, and is going back into the regular rotation. It's not as bright red as it looks in the picture, it's a rich, darker red.

    Next, the Burberry Sisters. I'm not sure we're actually related, but our Grandmothers go way back. I love the cherry colored leather on the handles, but usually only use the bigger tote anymore.

    Then there are the Cole-Haan's. While they may look a bit staid, there's rumors of insani---er, eccentricity in that branch of the family. The brown suede was one of my fall faves. The other is a really pretty olive color, which looks quite washed out in the pic.

    Both of these bags are fun croc print, and both were great deals. Cousin Ann Taylor on the left, got on final clearance for around $80, and is another great work bag, big enough for files & notebook. The other is a bronze croc Nordstrom's store brand bag from about 4-5 years ago and was drastically marked down during one of their sales. I get lots of compliments on both of these bags.

    Where the champagne is bubbly and the martini's are dry, you'll find The Party Girls. The gold one is my only Kate Spade, a really pretty wristlet.

    These two, the one on the left is a cousin from a Banana Republic, some little town called Bloomsbury. The one on the right is Cousin Francesco. He claims he's from Nebbiolo, Italy, but I'm not sure I believe him. Sometimes I definitely hear some Hoboken in his accent. Anyhow both of these guys are fun to hang our with on the weekend and we go lots of places together.

    And of course, there are Uncle Louis' filles, always stylish and ready to step out:

    The most elite member of the family, Paddy. She needs no introduction.

    And the newest member of the family, Cousin Sienna, all dressed in her spring colors. Rumors have it she's a bit of a free spirit.

    There's a new Cousin Marc on his way to stay, so I'll post his pic when he gets here. :amuse:
  2. that's a great collection!
    i love the red croc bag!
  3. I wish I had your family. LOL - lovely presentation...great bags, I really like that Sienna, the leather looks scrumptious. :P
  4. Lovely family! Glad you're close to many of them ;) .
  5. Girl, I love your presentation. I feel like I know them all. Nice collection
  6. WOW! totally love the LVs and the paddington!
  7. You have such a great variety of bags, Pseub! I love the introduction you gave them! You have a fabulous "family."
  8. Thanks for sharing Pseub...let all of them know they can come for a visit at my house any time!
  9. you have such a lovely family. Thanks for sharing. I think your uncle louis is hott!
  10. Lucky you! You've got quite an attractive family:amuse:
  11. Ahh, very cute, especially les filles de Louis. ;)
  12. wonderful collection - I too would love to have your family :smile:
  13. haha i loved reading that! your whole collection is gorgeous :amuse:
  14. That was great! I love your family :smile: Who's the black sheep? LOL
  15. Beautiful collection, pseub! :nuts: