My experiment - maybe a rant? Or not?

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  1. I live in Chicago and tend to shop on Michigan Ave or in neighborhood boutiques and I like the sales. I dress like a local and I like to walk, so I don't always "dress up" to go shopping. Read: I'm not wearing fancy shoes because I'm walking a lot.

    The other day I decided to check out the Jimmy Choo boutique and Gucci, just to see what was new. This time I dressed up and carried my Etro bag instead of my usual bicolor Cole Haan to see if I got more attention. Usually I'm greeted from across the store with an air of disinterest, especially on Oak Street (like Rodeo, only a little less fancy, ultimately).

    Wellll...wouldn't you know that I got SO much more attention? :wtf: SAs were practically throwing themselves at me and the bag was the first thing they mentioned. The Gucci rep was throwing the Indy at me and talking about special orders.

    I wasn't all that convinced about the validity of the "status bag" thing except perhaps in NYC or amongst LA celebrities. I went into Hermes to see a Kelly up close and they had them behind glass. :yucky: They asked if they could help (again eyeing the bag) but I was put off by how inaccessible everything looked, including the SAs. Jimmy Choo at least had things out to be touched.

    I'm a little discouraged. I spent a few years in California and there I think it's accepted that you have NO idea who has the money so you should treat everyone the in well.

    Just left a bad taste in my mouth. I want to buy a bag because I love it, not because someone will take me more seriously. :cursing: I'll stick to the NM sales...maybe if some day I win the lottery I'll pull a Pretty Woman and buy up the stores!
  2. Happens to me all the time. I tend to dress down when shopping and sometimes get ignored..I don't let it bother me, I just figure their loss of commission, and I get what I want anyways.
  3. I love Jimmy Choo shops, everything out that you can touch and the SA's tend to be helpful all the time, irrespective of how I'm dressed or what I'm carrying.
  4. It absolutely happens- back in January I had surgery so one of the first places I went with my daughters afterwards was to the mall- more for the walk than anything (and indoors in winter !!) and so I had yoga-type pants on and a sweatshirt. People looked at me like I was from Skid Row !! Apparently some people haven't heard the old saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover".
  5. Remember, even Oprah got turned away from Hermes because she didn't have her "Oprah" look on that day and they didn't want to be bothered with her! Snobs!
  6. The first time I was in Jimmy Choo, the SA definitely looked at my shoes first before looking at me. Luckily, I had just come from work and had these nice Burberry buckle flats. She looked up and was all smiles. Made me a little uneasy.
  7. I've found that unfortunately appearances do matter in shops, but I will usually try and give my business to the SA who doesn't give me a once over
  8. So true! I sometimes feel really intimidated going into designer stores. i was in London a few weeks ago and looked in the window of Tanner Krolle. there were no other customers and i was in jeans and jumper with scruffy boots on and didn't dare go in!!! ( I was carrying my Mulberry bag though)