My experience with spaying and neutering my cats

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  1. I hope that other members share their experiences too
    I didn't know what to expect and I was really worried.

    I decided to spay/neuter both cats on the same day because I kept on postponing it for months; I knew that I might not find the courage to do it again for the second cat.

    It is a routine procedure but these are my cats, there is no way that I am not going to worry.
    And the vet mentioning that with any procedure there is a minimum risk, didn't help at all

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  2. I just want to share my post op experience.
    When we got home from the vet the girl was acting normal as if she didn't have any operation ( what a relief since her procedure was more invasive)
    But it was heartbreaking to see the boy not being able to walk straight
    But they both looked so cute with their e-collars/cones :love:

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  3. I have had pets all my life. Spaying and neutering is a great choice, but I do understand your concern. It is natural to be worried when your beloved pet is going under anesthesia for surgery. There is of course some risk associated with any surgery.

    Over my lifetime I bet I've had 20 cats spayed & neutered, and one dog, and I've never had any issues. We have had a couple of cats that took longer to return to normal from the anesthesia (mostly males), and would act groggy for a while. I think your pets will be fine!!!
  4. The collars were of different sizes because of the place of the incisions
    it was very important that they wear them all the time so they don't lick and open their wounds or get them infected

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  5. awwww poor kitties with the cones!! lol they do look cute though.
    my cats have never had to wear cones after their surgeries.

    my youngest cat, when he got neutered, i think i picked him up the next day. he was perfectly fine. so much that i even called my mom and said "ummmmm i'm not sure he got neutered? i don't see any stitches!" i was totally not sure what to expect lol

    i only have one female cat and i can't remember what happened when she got spayed. I took her up to my parents vet so she may have stayed up there for awhile and that's why i can't remember.
  6. Q the boy was acting normal little groggy, until I noticed that he was sleeping and not reacting.
    I was worried sick.
    To make a long story short and after long night of worrying the vet figured it out: he was acting dead whenever I put the collar for him ( i wish i knew that before) because at some point I really thought he was gone.
    And he would act back normal when I take it off
    apparently some cats really hate the cone
  7. it's not too tight is it??
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    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    My baby girl was acting normal with the cone but she was unable to eat and drink. i hate to hand feed her for 1 week and she doesn't know how to drink from a bottle so helping her drink was very tricky
    She didn't use her litter box for the 1st 3 days - i was worried but apparently it is normal :smile:
    But unfortunately she got a lump the size of a chestnut or walnut size at her incision one week after the surgery
    the vet assumed it was fluid buildup, but it wasn't
    I took her today he removed the external stitches, gave her some antibiotic shots
    I will just have to wait and see, it might be reaction to the stitches
    But for a straight forward procedures I had two major scares

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  9. it wasn't tight, he just hates the collar
  10. wow... well you've had quite the experience with this lol
    hope the rest of their healing time goes well for you.
  11. I had to hand feed her NOt hate
  12. Thank you, I just want the lump to go away and we are done
    Q (the boy) is doing great
    I was so worried about the operation, that I wasn't mentally and physically (lack of sleep) prepared for the post op - which can be very tiring
  13. Glad to hear Q is healing well. My pets (like yours, I'm sure) are like my children so naturally I worry about them - my cat was already neutered when I got him, which I'm glad, because him having surgery would make me a nervous wreck!

    Very glad you made the responsible decision to have your pets spayed/neutered, by the way. :smile:
  14. LOL we refer to this as cat-atonic. I've seen pets do this when you put something on them that they don't like - be it a collar, sweater, whatever.

    There was a hilarious episode of "The Girls Next Door" (E! reality show) where one of the girls dressed her dog up for Easter, and the dog wasn't having any of it, and just keeled over on her side and wouldn't move. :lol:
  15. ^^THAT was the funniest thing i had ever seen. I laughed so hard.