My experience with liposuction at the Pretty Body Clinic.

Lynn Brower

New Member
Nov 21, 2019
When I first came to Korea, I weighed about 265 pounds. I decided that I needed to lose weight, so I started exercising and dieting and lost about 30 pounds. However, I could not get past the 235 pound level, no matter what I did. I decided to try liposuction to work on the belly fat. I contacted Pretty Body Clinic from off of the internet and met Miss Jang Hyelim (장혜림). She was very professional in her presentation and explanation of the procedure. I decided to proceed and after the liposuction and follow up treatment got my weight down to 221 pounds. I am still losing weight and my goal is now to get down to 200 pounds. I feel much better and know I can meet my goal. The entire staff are very professional and willing to help. Dr. Jung Chae-Hong (정채홍) is very professional in his discussion about the procedure and very helpful afterwards. He and Miss Jang went the extra mile in making sure everything went well. Also, Angelina was also very professional in her service and provided additional treatments that helped greatly. These additional treatments were very beneficial. I appreciate everyone at the clinic and would recommend them easily. Thank you!