My Experience with LaPrin


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May 12, 2019
I am a little over 1-month post op and extremely impressed and happy with everything! I decided to undergo a breast augmentation in Seoul while visiting family. I have been thinking about this operation for the longest time and happy with my experience and results with LaPrin.

Since I live in New York, I did a lot of research on different clinics in Korea to see who I could trust and feel safe for this surgery. After being in contact with 4 different establishments, I chose LaPrin because they were the most responsive and informative. They answered all my questions and explained what every step would be. The results I had seen from previous patients were amazing and exactly what I wanted.

When I had finally arrived, the coordinator I had been speaking with greeted me and made me feel safe. We went through a consultation where they take pictures and show you what the results would like on your body! That part was very innovative and exciting. The surgeon was incredibly knowledgeable and understood the look I was going for.

After a few days, I went in for the operation. I was extremely nervous since I have a low pain tolerance and just afraid of hospitals! From beginning to the end my coordinator was by my side and with her help I felt comfortable. After being prepped I went under anesthesia and before I knew it I was awake. The whole process was quick and efficient. I went back to my grandmother’s home after 30 mins, although you can stay in the recovery room as long as you need to. I routinely went the following days to get an antibiotic shot and check-ups.

The first week of recovery is the most difficult because it is hard to move around and bed rest is needed. I love to move around and not stay in one spot so this was challenging for me. There was zero pain after the surgery. Just pressure on your chest and limited movements. Every passing day I was healing at a fast pace.

Now I am 1-month out and I love how my breasts look and feel. There will be more changes in the coming months as they settle and get used to my body. Just after 2 weeks I was back on my normal routine. The scar is small and healing very well. I am in love with how my body looks and feel now, I have zero regrets and would definitely go through the process again. I pictured the whole process to be difficult and painful but none of that came true with the help of everyone at LaPrin. I highly highky recommend this place if you’re thinking of undergoing plastic surgery!


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