My experience with Jomashop

  1. Ok, here's how my story panned out. I sent my Zucca spy back to Jomashop on 9/6 after they sent me the RMA. It was in its original packaging. They recd it on 9/13. They sent me an e-mail on 9/20 acknowledging receipt of the bag. Supposedly on 9/25 they issued a credit to my Amex card. They kept telling me it takes 10 business days to see it. Amex told me they would file a dispute.

    Me: Called them again 10/3 since I did not see the credit on my card. Told her I did not see the credit.
    JS: She says it takes 2 weeks.
    ME: 2 weeks are past.
    JS: We don't know anything we issued the credit on 9/25, it's between you and your credit card company.
    ME: I talked to them already and they said they would file a dispute.
    JS: Do whatever you want, we will deny it.

    So, I called Amex on 10/3, spoke to this nice person.
    AMEX: Do you want me to get the vendor on the line?
    ME: Yes
    AMEX: This is B***** calling on behalf of ****.
    JS: Order #?
    ME: #####
    JS:Issued a refund on 9/25.
    AMEX: Don't see a refund.
    JS: We will investigate further and you should receive an email from us no later than this afternoon.
    JS: I see you have already called us twice today.
    ME: Yes
    JS: How long does it take a refund to appear?
    AMEX: 24-48 hrs.
    JS: What did the person you spoke to earlier say?
    ME: I told her that AMEX would file a dispute and she said I could do whatever I wanted.
    JS: Let me talk to my supervisor
    JS: Ok. Ms. XXXXX, we will issue another credit today. We are closed Thursday & Friday. Call us again on Monday if you don't see it.

    Today 10/5: My credit shows up.

    Moral of the story: Get your credit card company involved and they can wield a BIG STICK.

    I was a big advocate of Jomashop, but I will be thinking twice before ordering anything from them again.
  2. Wow, I'm sorry you had to go through all that. If you don't mind me asking, why did you send your bag back?
    (Never ordered from them but fellow tpfers seem happy w/them.)
  3. I absolutely loved the bag and it was authentic. But, it was too big on me.
  4. Wow thanks for sharing and letting us know about the hassle. I'd hate to go through that. Atleast you got the refund somehow even though you had to take amex's help. I will definitely be more careful and make sure I absolutely want the bag when I buy from them again, but atleast I know its possible to get a refund.
  5. Yes, Unless I am absolutely sure I am keeping something, I will not order from them again.
  6. I went through a return with Jomashop before.. the whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks.. that's how they work... i think they do refund you, but they just take a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time...

    I have learned not to buy anything from them unless I knew I don't need to return it..

    Sorry you have to go through this...
  7. Sorry to hear about your experience. I have always tried never to return anything I buy (and so far so good) and now after hearing that I will definitely remain as careful.
  8. wow...sorry you had to go through all of that...I will really think twice before I shop with Jomashop...I am happy to hear that you had a positive resolution...
  9. Unfortunately, there are no boutiques where I live. We have Saks which carries some brands. So, it hard to be absolutely sure of any bag without actually holding it and trying it on.
  10. ^That's a problem for me too, where I live they don't have all the boutiques or stores with the designers I want. Even if they have some of the styles not all or the right color/size. That's why I end up buying online..usually getting a better deal too. Plus the store ones often don't have new ones in stock and sell you the displays, which I don't like:sad:
  11. I am so sorry that happened to you.