My Experience with Coach!!

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  1. Tuesday afternoon I ordered a Berry Sabrina totalling $536.00. They told me it was not a return. Today I went to pick it up at the store. When they brought it out to me it was not in the box. That gave me the clue it was not new.. Then when I closely observed it, there was a tiny black mark on the bottom, the leather was two toned. The SA's told me "oh thats just the different piece of leather. The top part near the zipper looked like it had nail marks all over it and the stitching looked like it was beginning to come loose. I walked down to a Macy's store to compare the leathers and tones of different bags. The lady told me she would not keep that bag for what the price was and the way it looked. Ten minutes later I walked back down to the Coach store and returned it. The SA's acted like they were upset for me returning it and didn't seem to want to help me with anything as I browsed at the catalog. I am not happy with Coach right now. :tdown::cursing:
  2. Wow, what crappy SA! For that much money they should have been much nicer! Did you talk to the Manager?
  3. I am getting pretty tired of hearing these stories. Boo to these crappy SAs!
  4. That's not the way for SA's to act when the news today is about Coach sales being slow.....they need to be working harder to get our dollars, not giving attitude.
  5. ^^ I agree, she could have helped you pick out something else for an exchange and been more helpful so it didn't end up just a return!
  6. I would so report the SA, if the manager does not respond in a positive way, go over her/his head. It is ridiculous to spend the kind of money we do for Coach and get crappy service and at times inferior bags.
  7. My understanding is because Coach is having bad sales right now.. Soon they are going to be lowering their prices in hopes to draw more sales. That would make me mad. Paying full price for something then a week later the same thing being half price. I really had my hopes up for that Berry Sabrina. When I seen it I was upset. Im not happy or pleased with any other colors. Nor is there anything out there that is appealing to me. I really need something that will hold all my stuff. The Julieann seemed to be that but it doesn't seem like a normal purse. It looks like something you would carry a laptop in or business bag.
  8. That Coach SA might be out of a job soon, anyway.
  9. It has to be a return, I thought Berry Sabrinas have been sold out for a while now. I might be wrong. I am glad you returned it, you should get a sparkling brand new purse for that money!
  10. Wow, that really sux. I'm sorry to hear that. I mean, I used to work at a store where they really frowned upon returns too and I hated it! I mean, it's your money, you should get exactly what you pay for! I hope you find a good replacement or have a better experience next time. Maybe talk to a manager?
  11. Definitely try talking to a manager about it. There is no reason for them to make you feel guilty for a return.
  12. Just a quick defense to returns...I just returned a julianne that i bought at one of the PC events before the holidays and it was sparkling brand new because. All I did was take it out of the packaging 2 or 3 times to admire it :smile:
  13. I am sorry that you got such poor treatment.
    I would not have even went through with the purchase after seeing how bad it looked (from your description).

    There seems to be a rash of snippy SAs when it comes to returning anything at the boutiques lately.....
    WTH is up with that?
    They need to realize that returns are a part of the territory that retail is!

    Dont worry, you did the right thing in returning it.
    Hold out for a few weeks and you can probably get a Berry Sabrina at your outlet for about half the price, and probably in much better condition too.
  14. I usually have really good CS from my Coach SA's and if I do not, I just call the store I love that is pretty far away from me. I was looking for teal..and ordered over the phone from a lovely SA and it came large Sabrina last week. The color was okay, a few scratches, but no packing or wrapping from Jax and it flopped, just flopped like it was used a thousand times ..pancake. Upon further investigation..there was an outside tag,,unreadable..and one stuck in the pocket that was definitely the original and just ripped off. I called Jax for it was my second bag this week, and they offered with appologies to send me another. I said I would rather look at one myself in the store. I got DH to take it back to my local store who called Jax to see the mode of payment and it went back on his card, for it was a gift due to the defects in the graphite Shoulder madison. This store knew it was a damage to me anyway, and my DH said it was fine, and probably a store sample or a return. They were I am tealess...sad...Ah well, on to my more important surgery in about 2 hours...wonder if I will feel good enough to stop and see the new floorset on the way you get another bag instead??? Let us know..:heart:
  15. Awww....... :hugs: Hope you'll get a new bag that you really love.