My experience with Apple Leather products.

  1. My two bottles of Apple leather products came in the mail today!

    I ordered the Apple Leather Care (conditioner) and Apple Leather Protector (the non-aerosol version) to clean and protect my LV's vachetta.

    I didn't see much difference with my Recital and my porte monnaie/CB did fade some of the dirty marks and gave my items a more even patina.
    With the Coussin, the straps were MUCH softer (flexible) and the vachetta much more supple after using the conditioner. It made my Damier Sarria's treated leather feel very soft, and the most difference I saw was when I used it to clean up the vachetta on my CB pochette. The bow on the pochette was very dirty and after using the conditioner, I can totally tell there was a difference! It's much cleaner, and some of the light pink marks that were on the vachetta (from juice, maybe?) are less noticeable. The vachetta feels very supple.

    I used the leather protector after the conditioner dried, and at first I sprayed too much and it caused some spotting on my vachetta and I was freaking out but after it dried, it was ok. This happened when I sprayed my pochette bow too much. I decided to spray it a second time...and I oversprayed again but this time the protector was just sitting on top of the bow--it didn't darken the vachetta at all! The protector was DEFINITELY doing its job...preventing water marks!

    I definitely recommend these products to everyone...I mean, they don't work miracles, but are useful products!

    And for us Canadians who have trouble finding the products for a reasonable price (one site sold them for good prices...but shipping was $21!!) You can go to Day-Timer: day planners and organizers direct from the manufacturer ...shipping is only $9! My whole order came to under $22.
  2. Cool. thanks,
  3. Thanks for the information. I'm waiting for my shipment right now, and I can't wait. :yes:
  4. hmm.. now I'm thinking of using this brand instead!! I had purchased the SM, fully intending to use it.. but with all the threads about it not being for bags.. it's just sitting on my desk..
  5. I think its always best to use something thats made for bags, luggage, leather clothing (not cars):yes: . My sister uses wilsons, I just tried Scotchgard leather protector & that worked GREAT, my vachetta was unharmed! But since there are some health issues with scothguard I might try this....PLUS they ship internationally...:yahoo:
  6. Does anyone use this (leather protector) on BRAND NEW vachetta??? I want to know if it darkens vachetta....I would like mine not to darken after the spraying
  7. Yea my vachetta is the honey colour right now and I want to know how much it would darken if at all, and which products darken (condition or aerosol) and are there problems with the aerosol version of the apple protector?
  8. thanks for the info karman!
  9. i'm glad it works well... now you've got new-er items!! =)
  10. Thanks for the information. I'm not as brave to try this (yet). This is good to know! :smile:
  11. All of my LV vachetta-ed items have honey colour vachetta and it didn't darken my vachetta at ALL. You can apply as much of the condition you want and you can freak out thinking it's darkening the vachetta, but after everything's dry, the colour will return to normal. As for the aerosol, I don't have it, since they can't ship the aerosol products to Canada. I have the non-aerosol, perfume nozzle type bottle, and it works okay. One time I sprayed too much on, and I thought it created water marks on my vachetta, but again, after it dried, it was ok :smile:

  12. Thanks Karman, now what I wonder is when u spray the protector do u wipe/rub it in with a cloth?
  13. I have used AG Stain & Rain Repellent on brand spanking new vachetta (both my Alma & Speedy) and it did absolutely nothing to it (no darkening, no stain spots once dried). I always protect my bags with AG before I use it. I don't use the conditioner on the new bags but no reason for it just lazy I guess.
    I think Mrs. Troppo recommends waiting about a year before treating your vachetta but by then I'd need a cleaner rather than a protectant ;)

    I know for a fact that the AG Leather Cleaner darkens the vachetta. Not by a whole lot but it does. The conditioner is not meant to clean the leather but I did notice it can lift some non-persistant surface dirt. I also notice that the conditioner is more efficient at lifting surface dirt if the vachetta's been previously treated. HTH
  14. Thanks for posting your experience. I am sure it will help others :smile:

    I have been using the Apple conditioner, cleaner, and protectant for all of my LV items. It works great and it smells good too.

    I used it on my MC PTI wallet. The inside was a little dirty and the cleaner/conditioner cleaned it and made it look like new!
  15. No, once you've sprayed the protector, leave your bag out to dry. Don't put it back it its dustbag until it's all dry. (I let mine sit for about an hour)

    The conditioner, however, you do need to rub in gently with a soft cloth. And of course let it dry before you do anything else. Mine dries pretty fast, but probably because we have really dry weather here, so I let mine sit for around 30 minutes before applying the protector.

    If you want the conditioner to dry thoroughly to be sure, let it sit overnight.