My experience with a Macy's salesperson when buying a new bag.

  1. Yesterday I went to Macys to purchase the new Dooney Hayden bag. When I went up to the counter to pay, the woman behind the counter said "WOW!" I wasn't sure what she meant by that until she continued with "I personally don't like those bags. How can you justify $500.00 for that? Do you really think it is worth it?" Shocked by what she had said and the way she had said it, I answered "yes". I have loved this bag since I saw it in a magazine.
    It gets worse. Then she says, "You must have a husand. I don't have a husband or a boyfriend, so I could never do that. That is half of my rent."
    It was a really weird and akward situation. I walked out of the store feeling really down when I thought I would be really excited about my new purchase.
    I am wondering if i should contact Macys and let them know what happened. This woman was working in the handbag department of a store where they sell more expensive bags than my Dooney. I thought it was rude of her to give such a strong opinion to a customer who was buying something from her. Apparently, they don't work on commission.
    I am not saying she should like the bag. I realize different people have different taste, but as a Macys representative, I think she was a little out of line.
    What should I do?
  2. I'd complain. That was incredibly rude, especially the "husband" part!
  3. Woah! Her comments were really out of line. I would call and complain.

    If a SA said that to me, I'd leave the bag on counter and walk away.
  4. Definitely call and let a manager know what happened. I'm sure you weren't the only one who has left the store offended because of that particular SA. If you don't remember the SA's name, they should be able to track who it was if you give them some info from your receipt. Any level-headed manager would not want their store represented in that way. :tdown:
  5. hmm.
    she sounds a little bitter.
    sorry she rained on your parade.
  6. You know--- there are all sorts. This saleslady is in a low paying job and cannot afford purses-- and perhaps can't appreciate a good purse. To each their own. I agree that her words were not appropriate and made you feel horrible....but in the have the purse and I betcha when you show it to the people on this forum-- WE all know what a beautiful item you have! It is Macy's loss not to have a SALESPERSON, but a cashier.
  7. Report her comments. You should have her name on the receipt, as they usually sign it and ask solicit their "excellent" rating on surveys about CS.

    Call the store, ask for the manager and/or write to their CS via their online system:

    I know my aunt complained about an SA once, and the store called her to apologize! We were shocked!
  8. I would report the incident to a store manager. Her comments were very inappropriate. Then forget about it and enjoy your new bag! :yes:
  9. I'd definately report the incident. It's part of the sales associate's job not to editorialize, especially when it may impact a customer or sale negatively.
  10. Thank you all for your input. I thought maybe I was overreacting, but it sounds like I am not the only one who thought it was inappropriate. I think I will call the store today.
  11. Yes you definitely should call and complain! That was truly outrageous of her. Since when does a sa try to talk you out of buying a anything? Especially when its 'expensive'? You really need to let the company know about this particular associate.
  12. Oh yeah.. and enjoy your new bag!:flowers:
  13. Good for you! That woman was way out of line.
  14. the execs at Macys would can her ass if they knew she said such a thing. her job is to sell their merchandise not to editorialize about their prices. if she disagrees with the pricing structure of anything in the store, she shouldn't be working there. I guarantee you you are not the only customer she has said something to.
  15. Totally inappropriate. I had horrible luck at a macy's about a year ago. I was there to get a a few bags. (a coach, and a few Harajuku Lovers) At this point in time I had black hair and pink highlights. Unconventional i know. But my choice. She and the other lady behind the counter were talking to each other and while I was making my mind up about the purse. the one said to the other in a hushed voice I would never wear my hair like that it looks like halloween.. that just flat out unattractive... I heard her and asked to speak to her manager. I put down all the purses and have spent my money elsewhere I have not bought another purse at that macy's or any other one. I've only ever gotten at macy's has been martha stewart stuff that i cannot get anywhere else.