My experience rehabbing Versace bag


Apr 23, 2015
I recently bought a pre-owned blue Versace bag from Vestiaire Collective. It was in pretty bad shape, with a broken charm and the leather was dry, with areas where the colour was worn/faded.

First, I cleaned the bag inside and out using baby wipes. Then I put the charm back together using superglue. Finally I applied TRG shoe cream in colour 122 "electrico daphne" to moisture the leather and restore the colour. Although not an exact match, I'm thrilled with the vibrant, electric blue colour and can't wait to use this bag.

Before and after photos below. IMG_20190129_145602.jpg IMG_20190129_145607.jpg IMG_20190129_145730.jpg IMG_20190129_151246.jpg IMG_20190203_091516.jpg IMG_20190203_091501.jpg IMG_20190203_091613.jpg


Tired AF
Sep 12, 2015
A good bit of DIY! How does the shoe polish work, does it leave the leather completely sealed? No color transfer?
I have only used the Tarrago shoe cream, and as long as it is buffed after it has dried, I have never had color transfer. However I would not go so far as to say it seals the bag, but it does hold up with no problems in the rain.