My Experience at The View Clinic, Gangnam, Seoul

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  1. My Experience at The View Clinic, Gangnam, Seoul.

    I just returned from my trip to Seoul this past week, where I had Rhinoplasty (including Osteotomy) and Double Eyelid Surgery (including Epi and Ptosis correction). Since I found the PurseForum discussions to be very helpful in narrowing down my choice of clinic and understanding what to expect, I’d like to return the favor and help others out there who are considering plastic surgery in Seoul.

    Before my trip to Seoul:

    I researched clinics and experiences of others endlessly through online discussion forums and clinic websites. I maintained a detailed spreadsheet of around 8 clinics that I wanted to pursue in further detail. I knew that there were both positive and negative reviews out there, but after narrowing down the list to 8 clinics and considering the reviews I was going to make my final choice based on my own interaction and experience with each clinic. After phoning and e-mailing each clinic and figuring out pricing and surgical options, I further narrowed my choice down to 3 clinics.

    The reason I chose The View Clinic from the numerous other clinics came down to the fact that it reassured me that they had had no medical accidents for over 10 years and my personal interaction with them through countless phone calls and e-mails were all very positive. The staff at The View Clinic were consistent in their communication to me and it just felt right. This was a big decision for me as this is my face that I was about to change and I wanted to be 100% comfortable with my choice.

    One month out from my trip to Seoul I confirmed my surgical appointment with The View and paid a deposit. I did read other reviews advising against this, but I paid a deposit for a few reasons: 1. I was only going to be in Seoul for 2.5 weeks and did not want to spend my vacation interviewing clinics when I could be enjoying the city. 2. I wanted to have a confirmed surgery date so that I could plan around my surgery and recovery. 3. For peace of mind - so that I did not have to think about planning this surgery any longer as I had already been planning for the prior 6 months!

    Packing for my trip:

    Thanks to all of the blogs and plastic surgery reviews online, I picked up some good tips on what to pack for the surgery part of my trip to Seoul. Some of the items that helped in my recovery included:
    - Straws - to help me drink the first few days after my surgery,
    - Throat lozenges - to soothe the dry throat after surgery,
    - Arnica gel and tablets.
    - Face mask - but I found that I didn’t really need it.

    Other than the above, I packed pretty light, so that I could shop in Seoul! While in Seoul I also bought a sun visor to conceal the bandages - I prefer visors over hats :smile:

    Consultation and Surgery Day:

    I fasted all morning prior to arriving at The View Clinic for the consultation and surgery. The consultation with the eyelid doctor and the nose doctor went well. It was obvious that they have a lot of experience with what works based on my unique features, that I was comfortable with what they recommended. The consultations were around 15 minutes each and the english-speaking coordinator translated every step of the way. I was then taken into surgery prep where I cleansed my face and put on a patient outfit for surgery. The actual surgery was surreal and happened so quickly. As other reviewers mentioned, I was also to open and close my eyes a few times during surgery. During double eyelid (and ptosis and epi) surgery, I could kind of feel the sensation of having spoons cup my pupils - it’s the best way I can describe it. For double eyelid surgery, I was put under local anesthesia. I didn’t feel any needles when they injected the anesthetic. Then for rhinoplasty (and osteotomy), I was under general anesthesia. I don’t remember a thing about the rhinoplasty. Before I knew it, I was awake and stumbling to the restroom - I do remember that as soon as it was all over I was so dizzy. Also, my throat was super dry. I took a taxi ride back to the hotel - and didn’t even remember!


    When all of the previous posts talked about needing to be patient with recovery, I didn’t think it would affect me that much. Was I wrong! I too, need to learn patience as I wonder how long it will take for my nose bridge to look more natural and for the swelling from my double eyelid surgery to go down. Particularly since I had ptosis correction, the swelling will take longer to ease. Throughout the week after my surgery, I did go to the View a few times to have de-swelling treatment as well as my hair washed.

    I’ve been back home now for a few weeks and slowly I can see improvements in the swelling. I’ve read that I need to wait for at least a few months to gauge the results. Even then, I think the appearance will have subtle changes for several more months after that. I'll post another update in a couple of months on my double eyelid and rhinoplasty recovery.

    Overall, a great experience at The View Clinic in Seoul - I’ll be going back to them in future when I need any work done!
  2. Thanks for sharing :smile: You mentioned that you visited 7 other clinics, I was wondering which ones you chose not to go to? :O
  3. Awsome to hear about your wonderful time at View. I was there 3 weeks ago, and they actually have 3 English consultants who attended to me, not just one. They also told me about their 10 year no accident story, but take that with the smallest grain of salt because that claim does not cover botches.
  4. It seems like they are all view clinic promotors. lol
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  5. I feel like people should post more to develop themselves into the community before posting raving reviews on a clinic with less than 10 posts. :smile:
  6. Well some people when they had a successful surgery, they would simply post a review about their experience when they're feeling "high" about it. It's like when you just return from a wonderful vacation and you post amazing things about your holiday on some travel forum because the experience is still fresh in your mind. Similarly for negative experience, you're still scarred from the botch surgery that you feel the need to rant about the clinic and doctor which did the surgery on you. It doesn't mean you're working for a rival clinic, it just means you're pretty pissed and depressed about your botch surgery that you use the forum as an avenue to channel your frustrations.
  7. Hi and apologies for the delay in responding - time really flies when life gets busy! :smile:

    I don't want to speak poorly of other clinics as I never had surgery at those clinics in Gangnam. What I will say, though is that the other clinics were well known clinics in the Gangnam area and seemed to have many international clients. At the end of the day, your own intuition plays a part - go with your instincts!
  8. Well, that's your opinion. I actually just wanted to post as a way to "thank" the community for helping me make my decision on where to go - I ended up reading many, many reviews on PurseForum - from both long time reviewers and those that had posted fewer than 10 times. :smile:
  9. It has now been 3 months and I'm still very satisfied - and will be posting another detailed review. It's not always those with really positive or really negative reviews either that post - I found all kinds of reviews helpful in coming to my final surgery decision. :smile:
  10. If you're referring to me as a View "client" that worked very hard to make the money to pay for my own surgery, then yes, I'm a view promoter :smile: I live in Canada and am posting as a way to say thanks to the PurseForm reviewers for their genuinely helpful reviews - these helped me make my final decision on which clinic to go to in Seoul. Please try not to judge so quickly. :smile:
  11. Thank you for your positive comment! Wow, there are so many cynical people on this site, which is sad for them. Yes, I had great customer service and hopefully my reviews will help others with their surgery decisions - it's not an easy decision at all!
  12. Thank you for your positive comment! Wow, there are so many cynical people on this site, which is sad for them. Yes, I had great customer service and hopefully my reviews will help others with their surgery decisions - it's not an easy decision
  13. Thanks, very good review! :smile: What nose shape did you get and who was your surgeon?
  14. My 3 month Recovery Update of my Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty at The View Clinic, Gangnam, Seoul:
    As mentioned in my original review, I wanted to share my 3 month update with readers who have a genuine interest in Korean plastic surgery information.

    To be honest, the first couple of months back home after my surgery were tough in terms of recovery. I went back to work right away, and wasn't sure if anyone at work had realized that I had had surgery. :smile: I went on with my life, but day-to-day, the recovery process involved this numb sensation in my nose - I actually couldn't feel the tip or the rest of my nose for almost the first 3 months. I also had a bit of soreness along my nose bridge. Also, when I looked up or opened my eyes very widely, the skin around my eyes felt tight. So although the surgery was healing at a good pace, I felt that that I could definitely physically feel like I had had surgery. Also, just to be safe around my nose bridge, I avoided wearing eyeglasses for the first two months - especially because as mentioned I still felt sore around my nose bridge.

    I did a lot of reading on the recovery process for rhino and blepharoplasty and realized that the recovery would take a while. Apparently rhino can take up to a year to heal! I did open rhino where the surgery breaks the bone, so that can contribute to the year-long healing process. I was also careful to not blow my nose for the first 6 weeks. For my eyelids, I started wearing eye makeup around 8 weeks into the healing just to be safe.

    The recovery process involves a lot of patience while the face heals itself. It's better if you can be busy during recovery to avoid thinking about it too much. The doctors at The View Clinic did a great job, but once the actual surgery is done, a lot of the outcome depends upon how well the patient takes care of herself through the recovery process.

    Now that it has been just about 3 months of recovery, I really like my nose! my eyes are bigger than before too! It's fun to wear eye makeup since I had monolids before the surgery.

    I'll post again in another few months - let's see what additional improvements there will be!

    Based on my own personal surgery experience at The View Clinic I would go there again for other surgery needs in the future. :smile:

    Hope this helps!
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  15. Thanks for the nice words! :smile: I got a cute doll style nose and my surgeon was The View's rhino specialist Dr. Kim Taek Kyun.
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