My Experience at ID getting Acculift


Apr 15, 2020
I had rhinoplasty and acculift at ID. I didn't have a lot of fat that needed to be taken out from underneath my chin, and the doctor recommended that he kind of clean up around my jaw area. After surgery, I was told they took about 2cc or more from the area. So, not a crazy amount, but enough to define my jawline and get rid of of the fat in my double chin. While the results seem really subtle, I am happy with the results. I could've gone without it since my case wasn't extreme, but it is nice to not have a bouble chin anymore.

Now that I'm healed, I can feel around on my skin and can tell some fat is gone. I think if I had had a larger amount of fat, I might have been left with saggy skin. I did not experience any kind of extreme tightening effect (at least that I notice). I could be wrong, but that's just what I assume with my experience and what I feel.

Overall, my lower face seems smoother and more defined. My doube chin of fat is gone , but I, of course, still have skin there.

Because, I received my procedure during a promotion, I got a very good discount. For what I paid I am very happy. If I had paid more, I wouldn't think the acculift would be worth it for my case.

I will be making a review about my entire experience and also a video. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to go ID and with the work they did. I actually plan to go back for other things before the year is over.

Photos with green hair were taken today and compared with my before photo. Others were taken throughout the healing process and may not be lablebed or time stamped.