My expandable flap brown arrived !! *PIC*

  1. Today I got the expandable flap brown from my SA. I love it so much, it is so much prettier IRL than seeing the pics!!! :yahoo: This will be my bag for this Fall!

  2. Beautiful piece - thanks for sharing
  3.'s beautiful:heart:
  4. Wow that is really pretty, so rich looking. I love the browns Chanel is doing this fall. Great alternitive to black.
  5. It is gorgeous!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. congrats!
  7. it is so beautiful :cutesy:
  8. It's gorgeous! congrats!
  9. This purse is so gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. gorgeous bag ! i love this in dark brown its stunning .. pls post more pics :smile:
  11. Anita, gorgeous bag! Love the rich chocolate color.
  12. I'm a sucker for chocolate, and this looks delicious! :nuts: Congrats on your gorgeous expandable, and enjoy her! :smile:
  13. that is so pretty- thanks for sharing pics!
  14. Such a beautiful piece! I tried it on a bazillion times but it didn't look right on me, still so sad about it but SOSO happy for you! I'll live vicariously thru your pics!
  15. beautiful bag!