My exciting find!

  1. Went into one of my local 2nd hand designer shops yesterday and found a craie Paddy for £350, so less than half price! I don't think it has ever been used!
  2. missbradshaw that is a great find! You are one lucky gal as that is a gorgeous bag and craie!!!!! Congratulations.
  3. OMG what a deal..!!! It looks corgeous, you're a lucky girl!!:love: Congrats...!! :flowers:

    (oh why dont I ever find deals like this..? :biggrin: )
  4. CONGRATS!! :yahoo: Craie is my favorite Chloe color and you got an amazing price on that bag! :heart: It looks gorgeous!!! :love:
  5. ooooohhh.....:wtf:
    you are so luckyyyy....:drool: :drool: :drool:
    I've always wanted a craie paddy. the paddy must have been really happy to finally find a good home.
  6. WOW!! That is amazing!!! She is gorgeous!! You are soo going to love
    very minute that you carry that bag :love:
  7. That is lovely, congrats.:smile:
  8. Wow, what a find. Congrats!!
  9. Lucky girl! It is beautiful!!! Congratulations!
  10. oh my gosh i cant believe that!! big congratulations!!! if only we could all be that lucky *sigh* enjoy!!!
  11. Wow! Congratulations, that's a great find!
  12. Lucky woman!!
    It's GORGEOUS!
    My favorite ivory shade to date.
  13. I`m not normally that lucky!
  14. Wow, you are Lucky! That is such a wonderful find!
  15. That is an amazing deal. Enjoy your find!
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