My ex-boyfriend is a LIAR!!

  1. The last boyfriend I had before my current one was four years ago. That's right, FOUR years ago. Some people at my college know that we used to go out, and they asked me what happened. I told them the truth, which is that I broke up with him because it wasnt working out. Well, it turns out that this scumbag told all those people that he really broke up with me!!

    I wouldn't normally care, but those people happen to be friends with my boyfriend and they told him what my ex said. My bf believes me, but all those other people think I'm a huge liar. And I know he only said all those things because he was certain they would never get back to me b/c we haven't spoken in four years. Part of me wants to just leave it alone, and the other part of me wants to email him and tell him that I found out what he's been telling people and he's a piece of #$@!

    What do I do?? I'm so angry right now because it's so childish to lie about something like that, and I haven't spoken to him since we broke up because I wanted to put this all in the past. But no...four years later he's still spreading rumors like this is high school!
  2. haha, what a typical dope! Don't do anything...Just don't worry about it. Who cares what those other people think anyway?

    You know what the truth is, and if he's lying he obviously had issues with the breakup and said that he broke up with you to make himself feel better.

    No man wants to admit that they were dumped!
  3. its the past. its small. be bigger than it.
  4. Yeah, also, there's always a he said/she said when it comes to breakups. I never really believe either party when I hear each side. It's not that big of a deal to me who breaks up with who.
    Now, it's a bit different is he's going around saying you're terrible in bed and you eat your boogers. I'd definitely talk to him if it was to that extreme. Maybe tell him that while he slept, you would put your boogs in his mouth ;)
  5. It's one of those believe what you want type of things. It's pathetic that he feels the need to to do something like that.

    Now, if he's going around telling everyone you had syphillis and went crazy and that's why he broke up with you, then you need to set the record straight.

    And I actually think something like that could get into lawsuit territory.
  6. I would let it go. Why get caught up in what is probably a pathetic existence if he has to lie about his past? Better to just let this help you develop a thick skin. Your are going to need that in life cause he's not gonna be the last person to dissappoint you this way. The more you ignore him, the more he'll really get the message that you just don't care about him anymore.
  7. I think the only thing you can do is hold your chin up high and move on...:blah: On a sidenote, who cares what those people think? They obviously must be bored with their own lives to care so much about YOURS (4 years ago, natch!) :rolleyes:
  8. You shouldn't say anything. That said, I totally would :rolleyes:. Do you ever see him? I'd just say something like, "Remember when I dumped your ass and you felt so small you had to lie about it?"
  9. just ignore it....
    he's just mad because you're happier now...
    I've had that happen to me before...
    I mean we weren't broked up for 4 years...
    but it has happened.
    Just don't let it get to you!
  10. I would be mad but i dont think you should bring it up. Just forget about it.

    That said, I must say, whenever i break up with someone, or they broke up with me I always tell people "WE" broke up regardless. Its jsut a nicer way of saying things and doesn't take away from either parties dignity. It doesnt cause anyone to feel inferior or embarassed. I don't appreciate when the ex does otherwise. Its not kind at all or mindful of the other persons feelings. My last ex ran around telling people "I broke up with her". Wel, maybe ran around is too strong lets just say when people asked him about us, he would say he broke up with me. Even if I was the one who broke up with him, I wouldve just said "we broke up" if anyone asked. Inconsiderate people!
  11. :dothewave:
  12. I've had that happen to me. It didn't really bother me; I was just glad I was out of that relationship for good.

    Best thing you can do is ignore it and move on. Protesting too much makes it look like you care too much, besides frustrating the hell out of you.
  13. i think those people who think you're lying are just foolish and shouldn't really be bothered with. i mean if they believe him over you then screw them. i would just let it go because i mean it's been 4 years and plus you have a NEW boyfriend :yes: i actually found out my ex cheated on me like a year after we broke up haha. but whatever, it's over for a reason!
  14. ^--- I agree! If anyone ever asks, it's "we just didn't work out."
  15. Move on.. :yes: