My ex-boyfriend is a LIAR!!! Part 2!!!

  1. Boys can really be a real bastard sometimes!!

    I'm dealing with the same thing right now as SPOILEDkiwi... I have a daughter on my ex-bf and my daughter is currently having vacation in Philippines because his father comes to Philippines once a year for around 1-2 months because he works in U.S.A. My daughter Freya went to Philippines last wednesday and then went to my aunt's place. My exbf told my aunt that I'm getting married this coming April and that I'm 5 months pregnant already, blah, blah, blah.

    To cut the story short, He told me last Sunday when he called me that my aunt and my cousins are mad at me because of what happened and telling me that my aunt said "I didn't do anything to please them." I can't help thinking of it last Sunday so what I did was, I messaged my cousin on Friendster (our only means of communication). My cousin said they never said such stuffs and he was a complete liar! He even told me that I'm the most stupid person on earth if I'd have my vacation on my aunt's place in Philippines!

    And if ever this is all just his imagination, this is the second time that he did such thing! The first was he told me before that my aunt said if I didn't marry him before, my aunt will drag my @$$ back to our place!

    I hate him so much!!! Good thing I didn't marry him or else, I'd be stuck forever dealing with him!!!
  2. ugh what a jerk!! good riddance iqaganda!
  3. *ugh* too much drama! Just be glad you are no longer with him.
  4. What a jerk! He seems immature be glad you moved on.
  5. Well, I hat to tell you if you have a daughter together (or did I get that wrong) you will still be dealing with him forever....

    Other than that, let it go....don't let someone else create fake drama for you, simple state to your relatives, he lies and if they want to know about you, they should ask just you and believe only you and let it go at that.

    Also, who cares what he think, personally I love the Philippines, and other than the long plane ride, it is one of my favorite places to visit :smile:
  6. oh iqaganda, I'm so sorry to hear this! In my case it was best to ignore him and move on, but since you have a child together you will have to see him again. I think you should try to minimize your conversations with him and keep them focused on your daughter. If he brings up stuff about your family just ask him to keep whatever information he has to himself and that you don't want to hear it. If he keeps telling you these things, tell him that you don't believe anything he says and he is only wasting his time. Maybe he'll get the hint. Good luck!!
  7. Forget the a**hole. Best revenge is to ignore him and move on.
  8. yeah i know! I told my aunt about the situation and told me to leave it all to her. She's a Teacher so she's a 100% terror in school! Haha! That's a plus point for me! She told me not to mind that bastard and telling me he's just jealous because I'm having a good life now, not unlike him! :biggrin: