My evil (but adorable) Golden puppy (monster)

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  1. Here are a few pics of my puppy, King.
    We got him in May @ 8 months old from a rescue
    BY 8 months old, he has been transfered from South Carolina to the NSAL and had a total of 5 homes before we took him in. 2 days after we got him, we took him on a 14 hour car ride to Knoxville to go camping, he was an absolute dream. He's great with kids, VERY LOVABLE..though he had a fetish for my boyfriends socks and my underwear--particiularly my favorite pairs.
    H'es also finally become friends with my cat, Puma.

    If you're looking for a new pet, PLEASE GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTERS!!

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  2. Rella, he's adorable!

    Thank you SO MUCH for giving this fella a new lease on life by taking in a rescue.
  3. We rescued my evil little kitty from a horse farm as well.

    King is really a good all around dog, though he needs some training..He has TONS of energy but at the same time is very happy just plopping his big butt down in my lap. He can run and retrieve the ball endless for gets annoying sometimes lol..I feel like squicky toy on my bed in the morning in my face, in the hopes i would throw it for him
  4. Both your dog and cat are so cute:smile:
  5. Yes, thank you for saving a doggie's soul. He's adorable! We have three dogs, and one is a rescue too! Both of my cats are rescues. Good for you and I wish you and your dog and cat all the happiness in the world!
  6. He's beautiful! I'm so glad you gave him a chance. I hope everything works out well with you and your adorable doggie. Your cat is so cute also. My parents never bought an animal, but always took in strays and saved a few from the pound. All of my kitties found me!
  7. From one rescue mom to another...

    YOU ROCK!!
  8. He's a handsome boy. Goldens always seem to be happy. I'm so glad you gave him a good home!
  9. King is so handsome, Goldies are lovely dogs, it is so good you got him from a shelter, I find giving a home to a dog from a shelter is one of the most rewarding things us pet lovers can do.
    My St.Bernard was rescue and now we have a rescue English setter, I wish I could take more in
  10. He is SO cute!!
  11. We think he's a golden/chow mix..You can't tell from that picture but he has VERY STRANGE fur...his tongue is pink/black (not a sure sign of a chow but it perpetuates my theory), every vet we took him too think he's also a chow mix.. and he def has an attitude when he isnt happy about something lol

    He also has a perpencity for leather, especially Coach. ie my boyfriend's BEAUTIFUL wallet and belt lol

    Thank you for all the compliments :smile:
  12. What precious babies!!!! I know that they are both happy, and living a wonderful, happy, healthy life now!
  13. Rella... he is so cute!!!
  14. He looks like a LOVE!

    Have you tried nylabones for a leather substitute?? LOL :nuts:
  15. Both your animals are cutie pies! You really can get sweet animals at the shelters.