~~~~My Ever-Growing Legacy Collection~~~~

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  1. Since I've gotten my 2 Leighs recently, I decided to do a group shot of all of my Legacy bags. I've fallen completely in :love: with this collection and can't wait for Coach to come out with the next batch of beautiful Legacy bags! Although my wallet secretly hopes they won't:graucho:

    Shoulder Flap in clay
    Ali in white, black, whiskey
    Leigh in raisin, juniper
    Bridgit in black
    Shoulder bag in raisin

    Attached Files:

  2. :drool: I love love love your Legacy collection! Legacy is my absolute favorite line!
  3. Wow georgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  4. i am lovin':love::love: your black ali and the clay shoulder flap soo nicccce!!!
  5. love your collection:heart:
  6. What a BEAUTIFUL collection!!
  7. LOVE your collection! Most of my bags are from the legacy line too!! I am in love with your clay shoulder flap! I have the clay french framed wallet and really want a clay bag as well!
  8. i love legacy! your collection is beautiful
  9. I LOVE your Legacy Collection!!! Have you seen the Rose Leigh?
  10. Ok, you just have all the legacy bags one can wish for.......congrats
  11. Legacy is one of my fav lines as well!! I just love the Bridget!!
  12. Your Alis are beautiful! :girlsigh:
  13. Ooo:huh:! Pretty! I LOVE Legacy bags!!! :smile:
  14. VERY nice, love your Brigit and Shoulder! Great variety of colors and styles!
  15. Love your Alis and the raisin Leigh!!