My ever evolving collection.

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  1. Like most of you here I love handbags and have done for as long as I can remember, even as I child I was called a bag lady!! I think it was the Chloe paddington that sparked my interest in designer bags, before that I just brought bags from the high street.

    My main love is Mulberry I love so many of there bags :smile: but I'm also trying to add new brands and buy bags that can be used for lots of occasions, I've still got some work to do!!

    Here we go :smile:
    my very first bag :smile: Louis Vuitton

    LK Bennett Anna bag in rose. I brought this bag a few years ago and love it. It's great for the summer and can hold lots

    I also fell in love with modulus functional design with the Bristol bag which is now re named the pippa
    However I've not used these for a while so May part with them in my quest for a well rounded collection.
    Shark grey


    Hobo in oak-found at TKmaxx so I'm not sure of the name

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  2. I found out about Rebecca minkoff on the purse blog and this was the reason I joined the forum :smile: I had a croc MAB but sold her to fund this beauty!
    Black MAB with blue zipper track, I've used this one so much she's a great work horse

    This black mac daddy was a gift from my dad the Christmas before last, again it's one of my most used bag it fits so much and still looks great

    These next two I brought for my 21st birthday on a very special trip to Las Vegas! It was an amazing trip and I'd love to go back!

    I wanted to get a bag that was hard to get In the UK so I looked at RM or Kate spade,

    This is my Kate spade penny, she fits so much in and the leather is divine and virtually indestructible!

    This next one was brought for me by my dad as part of my birthday gift

    The Louis Vuitton neverfull is one of my favourite bags, I would defiantly like to add the monogram and DE in GM

    Next up is my most loved brand, Mulberry, my first was the oak bayswater, I had wanted this bag for the longest time!!

  3. Since the oak bays I've added a few more!!
    Large carter in olive

    Large carter in black

    Calf hair Alexa :smile: she is divine! Always turns heads!


    Leopard lily. The lily is one of my fave designs she's so compact but fits so much in

    I recently added this beautiful plaster pink patent lily in rose gold HW it took me a long time to get this beauty

    Another new edition is large Daria in mouse grey
  4. The medium lily is beautiful design larger than the original lily, I love carrying her she just looks beautiful, this bag was mentioned by a wonderful lady on the M forum and I couldn't stop thinking about it
    Medium lily in black grainy print nickel HW

    Another beautiful bayswater the mushroom glossy goat, lightweight and resilient leather
    It's a hard colour to capture, with a slight pink tone

    I went to the outlets just after Christmas to treat my self to a little something from mulberry
    I wasn't keen on this design but when I saw this oak leopard print I fell in love id love to get an Alexa in this print.

    I also got this bag from DKNY, I wanted to get a Michael kors jet set but I saw this and my mind was made up!

    After seeing this bag on various blogs I took the plunge but I've only used her once which is a shame as she's so beautiful but I'm going to let her go


    And my most recent purchase straight from the outlets, this is a bag that I have been looking for for the longest time and was so happy to finally have it as my little bit of something different :smile:

    Introducing the beautiful medium Cecily in flame exotic tweed!!!
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  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392596043.396659.jpg red vernis reade

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  7. I LOVE the DKNY bag, much less common that the MK tote. Good choice!
  8. It's a beautiful leather as well I think it will hold up well,
  9. Wow, what a gorgeous collection.

  10. Thankyou :smile: there's a few more styles I would like to add but I'm mostly happy with how it's looking at the moment, :smile:
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  12. Lovely collection! I'm really starting to dig those Mulberry bayswater bags. They've taken a while to grow on me.

  13. The bayswater is a beautiful bag the design is great, it can hold so much and fit into the shoulder easily. Easily my fave M bag!
  14. They are beautiful...enjoy them:smile:
  15. A new addition :smile: mulberry Daria (medium) in oxblood, the leather is so beautiful and smushy I love it!!