my EVA need your help!!

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  1. I was on party last night and I put my black open eye pencil into eva.. :sad:

    how can I clean it??
  2. Try a Tide-to-Go pen. I cleaned around the zipper on a white MC cles with one with a clean white towel to blot and it worked beautifully. That might work inside your bag if that's where the spot is.
  3. #3 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010

    hope that inside work good too.
    I have read that tide to go pen work only for food, tea, coffee marks.?
  4. It worked for me on everday dirt on white canvas. You might give a dry cleaner a call and ask what they use for an eye pencil. You'll need something to break down the pigment and then blot it away. Don't dry clean the bag of course, but they might know what to use. I would think though that anything like a tide pen or shout pen might work.
  5. Yikes, I don't know. I would worry the tide pen might smear the liner even more.

    I suggest calling LV or a dry-cleaner before you do anything. I would be tempted to try eyemakeup remover, but the oil would kill me - so I'd try and call before applying anything.

    Good luck.
  6. How much liner got on the inside? I was think it was just like a pen mark. If there's more - I agree - it could smear really bad. Can you post a picture?
  7. here u are... :cry::crybaby:


  8. Try blotting some plain white bread on the mark. Don't laugh - it works like magic on lipstick stains on fabric.
  9. That's so small, I don't know that I might leave it alone rather than make it worse.
  10. Sadly, I agree. A single pen/liner mark is one thing, a big smudgy black mass would be a lot worse. I wouldn't want to risk it.
  11. I'd leave it alone. It's not that bad, only you will know it's there, and fooling with it could make it a lot worse.
  12. ok, ITA! :biggrin:
  13. [​IMG]