My European Checking In Thread!

  1. Ok just checking in with you all!!!!!

    I made it to Barcelona just fine... my flight was not too bad, just long and cramped!

    I landed at 7:20 am their time and my hotel check in was not until 2 pm- but they let me in early!!!!! So I just woke up from a nap :yes:

    Funny thing is... I was CERTAIN 25 Euros would pay for my cab ride. I only exchanged $40 dollares, got back $25 Euros and assumed it would get me to the hotel fine. I RAN out of Euros!!! I told the man that I had american money, and he was happy to take it! :roflmfao:

    Just saying hi all!

    So this will be my log.. I will add pictures soon, but haven't taken any yet!
  2. Hey Sweetie!:heart:
    Glad you made it safe and checked in w/ us!:biggrin:
    Best thing to do is get a nap like you did and immediately try to get into the local time zone:yes:
  3. haha! i'm glad he took your American money!! There would have been poor Megs stranded somewhere. I can't wait to see pics!! Enjoy your trip!
  4. So happy to hear you made it safely. I typically used credit cards with any cab rides to the hotels and tried to avoid dealing with Euros.
    Hope you are all rested and ready to CHARGE! :yahoo:
    Have Fun & Enjoy.........
  5. So it took me at least 5 hours to figure out how to turn the lights on in my hotel room... I pressed every button and even clapped my hands!! (Vlad suggested the clapping but I don't think he realized I took him seriously)

    You have to literally put your room card in this slot to get the lights on... just figured it out and can go to the bathroom with some lights on! Yay!
  6. Hey Megs! Glad that you made it to Europe okay!

    Yeahhh...the exchange rate really stinks right now for Dollars / Euros, but it's great for us Europeans who buy things in America :biggrin:

    Hope that you are having a nice time so far and that your hotel is nice!

    PS: How is the weather there? We had a beautiful day here in Germany today!! :biggrin:
  7. I am glad you arrived ok, have an awesome time. Glad you figured out how to use the lights. ;)
  8. Glad you arrived safely Megs! Have a great trip!!!!
  9. Hope you have a wonderful time!
  10. Yeah! Glad you're having a good time! Looking forward to pics!
  11. Doesen't this ever happen in the US? It's very very commonin europe.

    Besides the trouble I hope you're enjoying yourself! -:yahoo:
  12. No, in the USA I've never had to figure out how to turn on lights. Every hotel I've stayed in has an obvious switch next to the doors.
  13. Uh no...we just have switches! First the metric system, now crazy lighting rituals. You Europeans are crazy!
  14. HeHe!
    I could totally see myself taking forever to figure that out!
    Glad you made it Megs-have fun!
  15. So happy you made it over there safe!!! Enjoy your trip! Cant wait for pics :biggrin: