My Ernestas have arrived!!! BUT...

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  1. ...since I got them off Ebay for USD 499 (and they retail for more) I'm paranoid that they're fake. The actual shoes look good but the dust bag looks a little off when compared to my 5 other pairs...The texture of the bag is different as is the shade of red!

    I know I'm stuck with them now but I can't help but feel a little sick every time I think that I MAY have paid USD 499 on a pair of possible fake CLs. In the picture with 2 dust bags, the one on the left is the bag that came with the Ernesta and the one on the right is from the Very Prives I bought from the CL boutique.

    I had posted the auction in the "Authenticate This" thread and I am not placing any blame at all on the kind ladies who told me that this is authentic. After all, it is the internet and people post fake pictures all the time. The truth of the fact is, the seller had great feedback and constantly sold new high-end shoes like Choos and MBs. Perhaps this is just the new crappier quality dust bag that the 2008 CLs come in...I'm really not sure.

    Any advice? What do you all think?? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks for your time!

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  2. The shoes themselves look authentic.

    When I got my stained Cortas, I noticed that the dustbag was different from the rest of my dustbag. It was thinner, less bright, and the shape is not even the same from my other dustbags. I wish I took pictures of it, but I just returned both of the damaged Cortas on Monday.
  3. Your Ernestas look 100% authentic to me, no doubt about it. That type dustbag variation is actually very normal, I have come across those types many times before on CL's purchased from CL boutiques/dept. stores (sometimes the font on the dust bag is a bit thin, sometimes very bold/thick, yep there's definitely that type of variation).
  4. Do not worry toiletduck, those are the REAL DEAL!!! I bought Ernestas from Saks last fall and the box had the same markings and the shoes look just like mine. They are gorgeous shoes and unfortunately mine were a little too small so I had to sell them.

    Modeling pics......:popcorn:
  5. SWEET!! Thanks so much! Now I can rest assured that I didn't waste my $$ on a pair of nasty fakes!

    The stupid dust bag got me all worried! I have 5 pairs and they all have the same dust bag...even though I bought them from different countries! *PHEW*

    Thanks again, ladies! You guys rock!! :biggrin:

    Modeling pics tomorrow...too tired from all the excitement now :P
  6. These shoes are awesome, and I'm go glad that you were not "taken" by feebay!
    Please post pics when you can!
  7. They look fine to me too.:yes: Not all my dustbags are the same either.
  8. They are gorgeous. Congrats, and can't wait for the modeling pics!!!
  9. Your Ernestas look good to me!
    I also noticed a change in texture & color in the latest dustbags. My Jolis dustbag from Saks felt stiffer & had a different color than my older VP's from Saks/Neimans.
    So its not only you.
  10. They are gorgeous! Look real to me. :yes: I wonder why the dusbags are changing, maybe something to do with them rubbing off on the nude shoes, someone posted about this not long ago...
  11. Yeah that was me. I thought that the pink stain on my Corta Milk Patent were from the dustbag. That was the one with the different texture.
  12. The dust bag thing does bother me...The older ones are softer and fuzzier in texture and darker in color. I will post modeling pics tonight :smile: Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback!

    wantmore: every time Ti think about your Cortas I makes me shudder...I only have one pair of light coloured CLs and they're stored in the original dust problems yet but I keep checking to make sure they're ok, lol.
  13. They look perfect to me. I have them in red, and they look exactly the same. They're really beautiful shoes--CONGRATS!
  14. Those Ernestas are HOT!!! Now I wish I got a pair when I was in HK :lol:

    I love them...can't wait to see more pics!
  15. Thanks everyone!

    Ok, I took a couple pictures today so here they are! It's been a long, wet day over here in Hong Kong so I didn't get to wear them out dancing like I originally planned. Instead I'm home, downloading the latest episode of ANTM :P

    I'm completely in love with these shoes! They're comfy and the perfect height!

    snowwhite: I'm' so jealous you got the red ones! I have never even SEEN red Ernestas...they must be gorgeous!

    Thanks again!

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