My Epi Petit Noes w/ scarves as drawstrings *pics*

  1. Hi.
    Some time ago another PFer (I think it was savvyblonde) mentioned using scarves as drawstrings with her Noes. I was bored, so I played and wanted to share how it looks.;)
    My babes are modeling their spring/summer look in one pic and their fall/winter look in the other.:supacool:
    I used three LV scarves and one Coach scarf.
    The red fleur twilly worked the best as it is longer and thinner, but actually the bags open and close quite easily with the scarves. I was pleasantly surprised.
    I did notice something though...I now need a white Epi Petit Noe to complete my patriotic collection.....:graucho: :p
    And now for your viewing pleasure.....
    IMG_0384-1.jpeg IMG_0385-1.jpeg
  2. oh....magic touches... you made them look so cutie!
  3. omg those look FANTASTIC! does having it like that damage the scarves? do you take out the tie completely? you just made me want a red noe! is that new red or the old red, looks like the new red to me.
  4. That looks really great!!! Definately need the white
  5. looks nice
  6. Took out the tie completely.
    The red is a brand new OLD red bag. Someone had it for 6years, never used it and I bought it on eBay.
    The twilly is fine as it is long and lean. the Coach scarf is a tight fit actually, but looked cute, so I went for it.:push:
    All of them got quite wrinkled, and the cotton ones are probably safer to use. I would guess if there is a sharp piece on the brass rings of the holes, it could pull the sillk scraves.
    The red, blue, cream and brown LV one (not sure name) got a pull the first day using it:sad: , so I was not concerned about that one getting damaged.
  7. Those look FANTASTIC!! Now I'm going to have to search and find one to go with my Fawn Epi - not an easy shade to match! Or, just buy an old epi in another color - Love them all!!
  8. Oooooo, very cute, thanks for sharing.

    Even better, I didnt make the pic's big, but i see you used the scarf to tie it up .. What an great idea!!!!
  9. Michelle, what a great idea-I think those look fact I think they look so much better that way! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  10. Your Noes look beautiful!! what an awesome idea, and so unique!! I absolutely love your old red Noe- congrats on finding one on eBay that was in such good condition!
  11. wow look amazing! never liked noe before but you make them look more up to date! xx
  12. thats such a fantastic idea!! You make me want to get a noe and use a scarf for it!
  13. Very nice touch!
  14. I'm really impressed...they look great like that!
  15. Michelle, That really is beautiful. Yes, I agree! You should get the white Epi to complete your collection!:graucho: