My Epi & Bandeau :) - Pics

  1. Last 2 weeks i started this thread - .

    it was initially for my epi speedy 25 that my DH bought for me while he was having a conference in geneva.

    however, i didn't really feel the bag after seeing it IRL so i took the bag to my nearest store here to get it exchanged. and instead of buying the scarf, i opted for the bandeau.
    so now, presenting my new bag and i'm totally in loveeeeeeeee :love:

    lv epi petit noe in ivory - before makeover

    after makeover - with travel bandeau :lol:

    love love loveeeeeeee :heart:
  2. That's one BEAUTIFUL (!) combination! :drool: Congratulations!
  3. Love it!!!! Congrats
  4. H-O-T!!!! Love it!
  5. Congrats!! I Love it !! :tup:
  6. Liberte, beljwl & stylized : THANK YOU!!!!! :yahoo:

    i am planning to buy more bandeaus with different colors so that i can change it whenever i want to suit with my cloths :wlae:
  7. Beautiful! Congrats on your new epi
  8. I fall in love with your new goodies...:heart:
  9. Your ivory petit noe is sooooooooo hoT! and the bandeau makes your bag pops out! really cool!!
  10. :tup:Congrats - I really like that bag and the bandeau is very pretty!
  11. :drool:
    I'M IN LVOE!

    Wow, the Noe is gorgeous on it's own but the bandeau makes it STUNNING! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful, love it, congrats:love:
  13. beautiful
  14. soo pretty- congrats!
  15. Gorgeous! I love when people replace the drawstring with bandeaus/scarves. It looks so much better that way. Congrats!