My Entire Wishlist in a week!!!

  1. Hi everyone! We've just had a new addition to our family - my little girl was born just 2 weeks ago and she has brought with her all kinds of good luck including (strangely) me finding my entire wishlist in the span of a week!

    I haven't had much time to log on but I just had to share these - my beautiful (and NEW) 05 Caramel Twiggy and 05 Turquoise Day!!! :yahoo: I gave up my Chanel cabas for this beauty and she is so worth it!
    My 05 Bordeaux is on its way and I will post pics of her as soon as she arrives! :wlae:
    DSC01275.jpg DSC01276.jpg DSC01277.jpg DSC01278.jpg DSC01280.jpg
  2. So soft and smooshy... I could just wrap myself in this!!!
    DSC01281.jpg DSC01282.jpg DSC01288.jpg DSC01290.jpg
  3. Those are some gorgeous handbags, but I must say your little girl is just too adorable with that beautiful hair of hers! What a lucky baby. She's already got a great head of hair and one VERY stylish mom. Congrats!
  4. Congratulations on the baby (she's SO cute!!!) and on the new bags (gorgeous leather!)!!! I nominate hipnycmom for having the best week ever!
  5. That caramel twiggy is LUSCIOUS :drool: & just look at the bright turquoise POP!! Congratulations on all 3 - your baby and your bags!!
  6. :balloon:Congratulations on the new baby:balloon: and for the Mom:flowers:

    also for your new bags ... love the colors! Enjoy them ... and the new baby, they grow up so fast.
  7. Oh mY! she's soooo beautiful! welcome to your sweet sweet sweet baby! (and to your two fab bags too
  8. aww congratulations!!
  9. OMG... first and foremost congrats on your beautiful new little baby girl! shes the star of this thread IMO! and congrats on those gorgeous bags too! and definitely cant wait to see your bordeaux! Quaddruple CONGRATS!
  10. i adore babies with a headful of hair :love::love: congrats! choice bags you got yourself!
  11. OMG, all of your babies(including the real one:p)are drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!! That Turq is :drool::drool:

  12. those are stunning, congrats!
  13. Congrats on your new cutee little baby gurl!
    Your bags are absolutely gorgeous:smile:
    WOW! :heart:
  14. Gorgeous bags and an even more gorgeous baby. Congratulations on all of your new additions! :woohoo:
  15. Thanks everyone - you are all so sweet! My new little girl is definitely the star of our household - her 2 older brothers adore her! The bags are just a nice plus:smile: