My entire LV family!

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  1. Finally! Just took these an hour ago:

    My collection looks small compared to most of yours, but its only one year old!

    My Baggy PM was my first LV, and I said it would be my last bag...who would have thought a year later my collection would look like this! :nuts:

    From left to right: White MC Wapity, Pomme D'Amour Roxbury Drive, Azur Mini Pochette, Azur Speedy 25, Cerises Cles, Monogram Speedy 30 with Beige Speedy Inclusion Keychain, Red Epi Pochette, and ofcourse front and center is my Fuchsia Baggy PM! :P

    Whonk whonk! :wlae:
  2. Lovely, I like your taste!!!!!
  3. Pretty family. Very colorful.. I :heart: it. :love:
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! congrat's on such a nice selection.
  5. So pretty! You have a great collection!
  6. Very nice collection.
  7. Such a great collection!!!!!!!!! Love everything...especially that Roxbury!!!!!
  8. A very nice collection within a year! Congrates!
  9. Love your collection. Great choices.
  10. Nice collection!!!
  11. Nice collection. I really love your Fuchsia Baggy PM!
  12. i love your collection, very rich and sweet in color ....
  13. You have great taste! I love the colors!
  14. Nice collections! Where's the modeling pics? :graucho:
  15. Does it look like my monogram speedy has patina on it? :nuts: