My entire amazing designerbag collection =)

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  1. Being addicted to designer bags, i have ended up with quite the collection. Im counting more than 24 handbags, and cannot justify having SO many in this price range.

    Picture 1 shows my entire collection
    Picture 2 shows the bags i am keeping.
    Picture 3 shows the bags i am considering selling

    PS - I am also waiting for a barely used mulberry tillie oversize in black. Cant wait to receive it!!! :smile:

    Please leave comments if you agree on my decision, or if you disagree =)

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  2. Lovely collection! Drooling over that Celine :smile:
  3. I knoooow!!! One of my definite faves!! Along with the vintage chanel jumbo XL :smile:
  4. Love the vintage chanel jumbo always wanted that bag ... ;)
  5. I know!! It is so lovely and ooozes of quality :smile: Mint condition from 1994-1996. And the best part is, I got it from a sweet woman who bought it from a second hand designer store in Oslo (with receipt). She did not know that these increase in value every year, so she sold it to me for only 1500 USD. Bargain!! The bag was owned by a rich lady in Oslo who never used it before that, so it looks brand new. I LOVE it :smile: :heart:
  6. Nice collection and I agree with most of your choices on bags that have to go. I will add that you have a lot of brown and black. As you sell pieces, maybe you can replace a few with pops of color? What do you think about red, pink and blue?
  7. I'm a little jelly :P so many beauties :heart:
  8. Aluxe - I have been thinking the same thing, as there is only brown and black bags in the collection. I would love to have a standout bag in ex red og blue. Juset dont know thich designerbag looks best in those colours. Do you have any suggestions? :smile:
  9. Hehe - =) Have you started a bag collection yet, MariaHansen? I just wish i had more than two arms, so I could use each of them more frequently =)
  10. Very nice! I love your furniture too :smile:
  11. Red and blue are great pops of color.

    As for designers, I can think of chanel and celine for great color. I also like bottega veneta colors as well as balenciaga. I've seen philip lim pieces in blue that were divine. I'm not loving a lot of the new bags from Saint Laurent/YSL but they have a current red that I find lustworthy. Oh givenchy does great saturated colors as well.

    As you can see there's a lot to choose from. It'll depend on what bag shape you desire and what role the bag will serve. Let us know and I'm sure lovely tpfers will have loads of suggestions.

    Good luck
  12. I love black but you have a lot of black and brown bags, you need some colour in there. Red would be a good start and white, blue, pink etc.
  13. Omg!!! You really are a fan of designers bag, i love yourcollections. Amazing!!!
  14. Hehe, thank you, that is so nice of you to comment on :smile: I LOVE rustique furniture. You should see my whole livingroom ;)
  15. Yes indees, i am busted. I have even more new models now then what the picture shows. I will show you later :smile: What is your favourite?