My Engagement Ring!!!

  1. I am so excited! My BF asked me to marry him on Monday evening, up at the highest point of the Sandia Mountains overlooking the city of Albuquerque. I'M ENGAGED! Yaayyyy! I can hardly believe it... I am still walking around in a cloud of bliss and it hasn't quite hit me yet. Since we have a section on diamonds and jewelry, I thought I'd post some pictures of my engagement ring for all the other diamond lovers to see. :P

    Please excuse my unmanicured fingernails.

    Thanks for letting me share. :heart:


  2. Congratulations!! And what a fabulous ring to go with your fabulous news!! Wear it in good health!
  3. oh i love how there's diamonds everywhere! great taste!
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Great News !!! Beautiful ring ! Congratulations !! :flowers: :love:
  6. Congratulations! OMG girl I'm so happy for you, and what a gorgeous ring! Man, my guy needs to get a move on LOL
  7. WOW! Congratulations to you both! He has wonderful taste and the ring is beautiful! It looks sooooooooo pretty on your hand! I know you're thrilled!

    Thanks for sharing and also for the photos! Have fun planning your wedding! Whooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations on your engagement!!! And I loveeee your ring, it's stunning!
  9. Congratulations, and your ring is beautiful!
  10. So stunning! Big congrats!!
  11. aaawwww congratulations to both of you! Your ring is stunning, did you get to chose or does your husband to be ahve great taste?
  12. wow!!!! great ring! congrats!
  13. Thanks ladies! My fiance went to the head designer of Kabana to create this for me. We've been talking about getting married for a while now, and I told him what kind of ring I wanted... and I guess he took good notes! But he also has good taste. I just told him #1 no yellow gold #2 the quality of the stone is more important than the size of the stone and #3 I really like diamond going down the band. The boy did well!
  14. What a beautiful ring! Congratulations!
  15. wow FABULOUS ring!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your fiance-I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!:love: