My engagement ring upgrade !!!!

  1. ( I wrote out the big reveal and tpf crashed and I lost it all ... :sad: here it goes again!)

    Hey everyone !!

    I'm so happy to be able to share my ER upgrade with you all! We upgraded from 1.56 to 3.47 RB!!!

    A few things first
    1. A BIG thanks to ame whom I turned to for advise many many many times throughout this process . She always have the best advise , and I hae learned So much about diamonds through her !

    2. I am terrible at taking pictures of diamonds ! The sparkle mad it impossible to capture the brilliance but I tired my best !

    3. We decided to keep my original ER and will be turning it into a pendant ( suggestions welcome )

    4. I set my upgrade in a Tiffany style 6 prong for now , but I find it too similar to my original ER, looking for suggestions on how to reset ! Will likely work with BIRKS to do a custom, although I do like some of tracori styles also ( must do this locally in Toronto , can't travel right now )

    Ok, enough chatting ! Here she is ! 3.47 GIA RB cut GIA EX/EX/EX , HCA <2 , AGS 1

    Warning: picture heavy !





    To be continued !
  2. Wanted to send before I lost it again :sad: !!

    Here are some of the settings I have been looking at! All input welcome !


    Thanks everyone !
  3. Hubba hubba!!! It looks great!!! And you're thinking of haloing this monster!? WOW!

    It was my pleasure to help! I am so glad to see you found a stone that won your heart!

    (yes diamonds are hell to photograph...!)
  4. Wow, it's incredible!
  5. Incredibly beautiful! Enjoy your gorgeous new diamond!
  6. WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    I love it as it is, I wouldn't halo it, but that's just me. :smile:
  7. Gorgeous. It looks massive on your finger.
  8. Totally agree!!
  9. Did you pick this stone online or in person? It is beautiful!!! Congrats
  10. its so pretty ! Enjoy :smile:
  11. Wow, so gorgeous! May I ask what ring size you wear?
  12. Wow, I agree it should stand without a halo. It's a fantastic piece alone.
  13. It is stunning! What a rock!

  14. I agree! It's so pretty and already substantial if leave it as is. If you really just wanted a change I'd set it in one of those semi mounts with small diamonds all around the band. Think micro eternity band! It's beautiful!!!