My Endless Search For The Perfect Black City - I Could Use Some Help

  1. Maybe I'm being picky (is that a bad thing? )...

    All I want is a perfectly matte black the one our girl aaa found at Barneys, like the one powderpuff just got from BNY...

    I've been talking to Joseph at BNY (actually, some might consider it bordering on harrassment :girlsigh: ) but he hasn't come thru for me yet...

    So - if anyone comes across one, can you let me know?

    thanks :smile:
  2. wow, i'm surprised joseph can't find you one sweetie it because they only have the old s/s '06 stock (?) :shrugs:...if i see any around, i'll put one on hold for you you want one that's totally smooth (?)
  3. Hey aaa...I don't know :sad: . I want really smooth and the leather on most of the sapin bags I've seen..........

    I know there are some that are out there...I'm just having no luck finding one......

    I need the power of tPF :smile:
  4. Bama is such a sweetheart to everyone here! =)
  5. Here's an example of the leather I'm looking for :love:
  6. hmmmmmmmmmmm, it will be hard to find, but i'll keep my eyes peeled ;)...i haven't seen one yet with leather that smooth & matte...and i don't think leather that smooth will have the "smoosh" factor you want (?) :shrugs:...which is more important to you, "smooth" or "smoosh" (?) :P
  7. ^^ awe, sooooooooooo sweet!!! :shame:
  8. ^^^ why don't you search ebay for a new 05?

  9. You mean I can't have both - lol. I just can't deal with veiny and crackly leather for my black city...I should have bought one in 05 but I was too obsessed with magenta at the time :love: .

    I think I would be happy with one similar to the bag Barney's bag ;)
  10. They don't exist :sad: .
  11. Really? Wasn't there just one on Ebay posted in Achtung? There was some controversy over the seller raising the price, but it looked great and new!
  12. It looked a bit too used for me. Thanks :smile: .
  13. ^^ okay, my eyes are peeled!!! :rolleyes:
  14. Thanks sweetie :smile: . Here's another example...

    Maybe I'm describing it wrong to Joseph :lol: .
  15. :search: I'll be searching for you LIVE!:search: