my endless search for the Chloe Bay Medium Quilted Satchel Continues

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  1. Hello I am new member to TPF but a frequent lurker.

    A few months ago my coworker (who's closet i'd kill for) came into work with her Chloe Bay, I instantly fell in love and knew that this was going to be my first designer bag. I have searched far and wide for this bag, watching ebay auctions, searching stores. See my problem is she purchased hers for $500 at Nordstroms rack a year ago and I know that is very lucky but I am holding out until I find something not too far from that price range. I do own a few Chloe pieces such as pants, shoes and a pair of sunglasses but this bag needs to find its way to me.

    Bluefly has the gray one for almost 1,500 which is pricey, I'd prefer black but wouldn't mind gray. So my question for you ladies is where do I look? Is there any hope for me?
  2. Chloe outlet had one for ~$1000 about a few weeks ago
  3. When I went about 2 weeks ago they no longer had it and I had called not too long after new years. $1000 is still too much sadly, I was hoping they'd have it since they were having a decent sale on their bags and clothing. I got a pair of pants for 80 dollars!
  4. maybe get one second hand off of ebay or

    be sure to get anything you see authenticated!

    $500 is ver cheap and you will be unlikely to see that price again!!
  5. I agree with bag*mad*bags.

    Although sometimes you can get amazing deals - you just have to keep looking. Eventually, the perfect bag for you will pop up, and it will be worth the wait! :heart:
  6. I agree with everyone's comments and would hve to say that a reasonable price would be around $600-$700. You should call around the Neiman Marcus Last Call stores....they have a LOT of Bay bags that just came in couple of weeks ago, but the prices are a bit high!
  7. ^^Good info, NMLC did get some in, also, call the Nordstrom Rack's, I was searching for the gold one last year, I knew Nordstrom's had it during their sale, but the sale was over and everything had shipped out, so I kept calling a few Nordies and found one for $599- think it was either the Seattle or San Fran one.
  8. I really don't expect to get the same deal but I figured I could live with $600 or $700, anything over that would be too much for me.
  9. I called a few Neiman Marcus Last calls and I found one that has it but it's about 1,400 which is way too high.
  10. you should get one for $600 $700 even if its off ebay or bonanzle!

    just be patient one will pop up!
  11. I know, their last call pricing is ridiculous! They do have extra % off on handbags some weekends so keep an eye out for the next one!!
  12. $700 is 50% off, so that would be as low as I'd REASONABLY expect to pay. Anything lower than that would be a bonus, but I'd expect to pay at least that much if you're set on having that exact bag especially if you're set on particular colors.
  13. I JUST got an email from the outlets and they have a black quilted medium bay from paris. They didn't say how much it was but you should give them a call! PM me your email if you'd like me to forward the email to you.

    Chloe Boutique
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
    822 Grapevine Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    Tel. (1) 845-928-6260