my encounter with a snotty person..

  1. i was in class last night carrying my new ysl bag... it really didn't have much going on with the bag except a velvet logo in front... but i love it coz i can put all my junk in it and still have room for more!

    this girl comes up to me and says "what's ysl?"
    i said "yves saint laurent"
    she responded, "oh, i don't know what that is... i only carry coach bags" in the snottiest manner i've ever seen!

    of course i said nothing.. it wasn't a competition..

    it's just weird how some women can be so catty :shrugs:
  2. Oh if she ONLY knew how much more your YSL probably cost than her Coach! ;)
  3. LMAO :roflmfao:

    You are one nice person, b/c I would have had to "school" her on her bag versus mine...but that's just me!!

    Your bag sounds cute.....
  4. hahaha i know... i wanted to!

    but decided to just let it go... she's a textbook one-uper!!! so i didn't think whatever i say would matter...

    ... i'm just glad the semester is almost over and i don't have to deal with her anymore... heehee
  5. Just rise above it - you know the score, that should be enough to keep you smug
  6. I think you handled it pretty well. She has no manners or common courtesy to go up to a person and make snide remarks like that. Girls can be so vicious and competitive with each other. Whatever, I'm sure she went home and googled it and the next time you see her she probably won't be so smug. I feel for you!
  7. That's funny she said 'I only carry Coach' in a snotty way cause Coach is not even that high-end. I'm sure she will realize YSL is a PREMIER designer bag, and she's gonna feel so stupid that the next time she sees you, she'll have to duck behind her little Coach bag.
  8. Sheesh. I probably would have said something like, "Yeah, I used to be into Coach, but I've moved on."
  9. That's pretty bad to make a comment to you like that about your bag and not even know that it's a "higher end" bag than Coach. Puleeze have some knowledge before trying to be snobby.
  10. Hahaha, hilarious. What a looser.
  11. Sounds like she needs to open a magazine and school herself in others designers whether she has them or not. Knowledge is the key
  12. i think you handled yourself very well... i bet she probably went home and looked up YSL, and then realized she made a fool of herself!

    lol... if that happened to me, i would've just laughed in her face and walked away. it's really not worth it to even say anything more to someone like that!
  13. Hmm...That is if her Coach was even the real deal. You won't believe how many fake Coaches are around where I live.
    Good on you for having grace and courtesy. I have a soft spot for Coach,myself, but I'm not gonna go up to someone and be _itchy about what they have.

    On the flip side, I've noticed when you comment nicely even with a simple "I love your bag," no matter what it is, the woman carrying it always appreciates it.
  14. i agree
  15. It drives me crazy when people view everything as some sort of competition. You handled it well.