My Emerald Courier is here!!

  1. It's here!:yahoo:


    And I am only wearing socks with sandals in the house, I would never do so outside!!:shame:

    Thanks again Pippop!!

    Wow, 2 B-bags in 2 days...:love:
  2. WoW !! The color is amazing!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: congrats !!! thanks for sharing !!!
  3. Wow that color is stunning! Congratulations!
  4. Great pics, great bag....I need a replacement courier :sad:
  5. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!:love: WE ARE TWINS NOW! I have this too! I adore it! :yahoo: Enjoy!:yahoo:
  6. wow, you can fit a small child in that thing! love the color alot...
  7. Love the color!!! I'm expecting my Emerald City next week!
  8. The leather on this one is nice, the ones I saw in store were too glazed and veiny for my taste. This one feels nice and thick.

    Zacorey-I want to see your courier too!
  9. Wow - that bag is super sex-ay! ;) Isn't it green M&M's that are supposed to ... well, ya know. ;)
  10. Nice!! It looks great on you, too. Love your other Bbags as well! Congratulations!
  11. :drool: very very beautiful! Can you wear it across the body comfortably?
  12. :yahoo: YAY! I'm so glad you like it! I'm glad it found a good home...Enjoy, it's such a wonderful bag!:yahoo:
  13. Spablo--I can wear it very comfortably across, I just prefer it on one shoulder =)
  14. thanks :smile:
  15. 0o0o0o congrats on the b-bag!!!