My Embossed YSL Large Choco Muse

  1. At long last the large muse that I ordered from NM arrived last night. I LOVE the embossing - it's very subtle and yet adds a really sweet personal touch. I promised some photos so here they are! :heart:
    muse1.jpg muse2.jpg muse3.jpg
  2. Congrats!! That looks great. It looks a lot better than the sample pic they had on the NM site previously. This looks smaller and more subtle.
  3. Yes it does look great!! I personally love the embossed initials!
  4. Love the embossing- it gives it a vintage feel! Truly a classic!
  5. looks great! enjoy!!
  6. That's really nice!! It really adds a nice touch to the bag.
  7. Bloemetje, your embossed Muse. Congrats. =)
  8. Congratulations! The muse is the most awesome bag! I love the embossing.
  9. I love the color. Congrats.
  10. So beautiful! Congrats!! The embossing really makes it special.
  11. OMG - I LOVE IT. Now i'm sad that I didn't get my Muse Embossed... :sad:

    Thank you for the photo's though!
  12. Thanks so much everyone! :smile:

    I agree that the embossing is much more subtle than the pics they had on the NM website. I'm quite relieved about that!
  13. Congrats! It looks wonderful, and I think the embossing adds something special. Enjoy.
  14. Its beautiful. I love the Muse and the nice personal touch:yes: !
  15. Fabulous!!! I love it too! It's not in your face whatsoever. Stylishly subtle. Congrats! And thanks for the pics:smile:
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