My Elvire Satchel is here!!! *PICS*

  1. When I first saw the Elvire I really didn't like it, but over time it has grown on me. I had seen all of these sales going on, and thanks to a tip from Mona I called NM in Hawaii & they had the Elvire in Moka. Well, needless to say, I snatched it up & told hubby that it could be my Valentine's Day present.:graucho:

    It was delivered yesterday & I am in love with it. It is so soft & very multifunctional. I had my 8 yr old take some pictures & I took a pic of her holding it as well.:p
    elvire 003.jpg elvire 006.jpg elvire 007.jpg
  2. Oh it looks lovely, such a fab colour and it looks a great size (maybe alittle big for ur 8 year old though ;))

  3. What a gorgeous bag, very nice colour! I like that style, too! Enjoy her![​IMG]
  4. Seeing your 8 yo with it reminds me of Nicole Ritchie pics (pre pregnancy) with all her nice bags!!

    It looks gorgeous! Enjoy.
  5. Beautiful bag!!! You look great holding it!!!
    Great buy, dear, the color is great, it is multifactional (as you mention) and it must feel gorgeous too.
    You look very petite!
  6. Great bag, congrats!!
  7. Its a great bag ! I got the same one in Moka from Hawaii recently but havent used it yet ! :p
  8. Great bag, congrats! I've had the black one since it came out and although it was not too popular on here, I lover her to bits! The leather is really TDF!
  9. Its very pretty, congrats!
  10. Oh my that looks great. I know what you mean about the Elvires, i wasn't that keen, and then i got my patent one from nap, i only bought it cos it was such a bargain, although i did like the shape of it. and when i got her i loved her. Thats the thing with some bags you just can't tell from pictures, and evan when you are holding them yourself you can't always tell. sometimes you just have to see them on someone else. And that really does look good :tup:
    Your daughter also ears it with style, cool.
  11. Looks fabulous!!! Congrats...
  12. Obviously that should be wears it with style. :lol:
  13. Lovely! Very nice colour:smile:
  14. Great bag! Congrats!
  15. Ah, the old Valentines Day excuse eh :graucho:? Excellent ! I LOVE your bag and I also know exactly what you mean about the Elvire initially not appealing to you and then gradually growing on you. Moi Aussi :yes: ! I'm still waiting for the Elvire that caused me to fall off the wagon ( bought on eBay when I was supposed to be on a strict bag ban :push:smile: to arrive. It's taking too long :sweatdrop:...hopefully it'll be here in the next few days. Will post pics as soon as it arrives ( assumimg it ever does :rolleyes:). Anyway, congratulations, you bagged yourself a beauty :tup:!