My Ellipse came and I love it!!

  1. First off, it was wrapped so beautifully with the lovliest note from the seller (thatsopretty). And I do believe I love it!! Its in perfect condition with a light patina and the inside is spotless. Its the perfect size for me, not too big not too small (just like goldilocks, lol). Here's some pics. By the way, the handles have a touch of dirt on them - what's the best way to clean them???
    ellipse2.jpg ellipse23.jpg ellipse3.jpg
  2. Ooooo nice purchase, be sure to add pic's of you modeling it.

    I have this bag on my want list.
  3. It is beautiful! I am actually waiting for the mailman to bring my bucket from thatsopretty, lol! She was so nice to deal with, I am really looking forward to my bucket arrival! Congrats on a great purchase, it really is gorgeous!
  4. Wow! Great bag! This is on my list for someday!! Congrats!
  5. Thanks - wasn't she just the sweetest. One of the nicest purchases I've made on ebay. You'll be so excited by her thoughtfulness in wrapping. Can't wait to see yours!
  6. She really was very nice to work with, I give her 5 stars for that alone!
  7. Congrats! The note was a cute touch!
  8. SO NICE!!!:love: I hope you'll love this bag as much as I love mine! Try baby wipes on the handles!;)
  9. I do have some baby wipes at home - I think they are scent free baby wipes -will that work??
  10. They should.:yes:
  11. It has such a nice patina! I agree with you the wrapping is very nice and thoughtful!
  12. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  13. it's in great condition. try baby wipes as i've read in this forum. congrats!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Congrats, I love the ellipse!