My Eggplant MA from the Sample Sale has arrived!

  1. And I love it! Gorgeous color, leather, and everything you expect from a RM bag. I had wanted a purple bag that was not too purple and this bag was just right.

    I will post pictures of my bag later in this thread. For now, here are some stock pics since I haven't seen too many pics of the eggplant around. This pic from Revolve is very true to life in my opinion except my bag is just a teensy bit more purple.


    I ordered mine from the Sample Sale leftovers so I think the rest of you who ordered should be getting yours in the next couple of days if you haven't already!

    Anyone else get their Sample Sale bags?
  2. Stunning.

    I was looking to get a mini at a good price, but NO luck. :sad:
  3. Thank you! I love it. I will post some pictures. If I see any minis around, I will let you know Contessa.
  4. Where are the pictures, lady! :nuts::greengrin:
  5. eggplant is gorgeous! Now I wish I had taken the plunge and gotten one too! CONGRATS! AND ENJOY!
  6. Thank you! Here are pics. The color is hard to photograph with the flash but this gives you an idea. This is as close as I could get to the actual color. In real life it's just a teeny bit darker than this. t's lovely!
    TPFEggplant 006.jpg TPFEggplant 007.jpg
  7. I was deciding between this and the Emerald MA -- no regrets, I just want this one too when I can afford it LOL! :smile: Congrats HitchcockBlonde! It's a beauty!
  8. The eggplant is really nice! I like that colour!
  9. Great color! How versitle do you think it is? Casual/dressy, could you wear it year-around?

    Congrats on a great find!
  10. Nice bag! Congrats. :drinkup:
  11. Thank you! I can wear it with all my blacks and browns (which is most of my wardrobe). It's more structured and a little more dressy than the other RM's but still mostly casual IMO. I think I can definitely wear it year round!
  12. Beautiful, congrats!
  13. absolutely lovely!
  14. that's a fabulous color!!
  15. The bag is gorgeous! Congratulations!