My EGC purchase!....

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  1. I got the black chain mail hobo which i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fedex JUST delivered her!!!!!!.....
    Its so fun and seems WAY DURABLE!
    i ended up using the 1000- GC to get a really simple Dolce and Gabanna black metallic cardigan(it was i got it..for free!)
    here she is..ill try to post modelin pics later....Hayden is a hyper little dude today so i gotta get a pic later,I HOPE!
    sorry for the super quick iphone pics but i have little time these days!LOL!
    photo-14.jpg photo-4.jpg
  2. congratsss jill! its very beautifullll!
  3. Big congrats Jill :smile:

    Waiting patiently for your modelling pictures..
  4. wait -- so the Saks egc now does include chanel??
  5. Nope...I had mine on hold all week for EGC so my store honored it....i was lucky!
  6. wow -- lucky you! modeling pics please!
  7. This is a lovely bag. It's so light weight too! Congrats Jill!
  8. Congrats!!! great buy... :smile:
  9. That bag looks stunning! Can't wait to see modeling pics.
  10. lucky you for getting both the egc and a fab bag. Congrats and pls post some modeling pics when you get a chance so we can all :drool:
  11. congrats ... i love this bag!!
  12. Very nice bag! Congrats and the "free" Dolce & G cardigan is a nice treat!

    :heart: Love the chain on that bag. Enjoy, your goodies!
  13. Congrats and beautiful bag. I'm just waiting for my fedex package to arrive....
  14. Congratz Jill.

    Carmen tried to locate a jumbo flap in caviar for me but no luck. :crybaby:I asked her a lot of questions and she still very nice. :tup:
  15. Love it! Modeling pics modeling pics