my egc purchase has not arrived :(

  1. i placed a phone order with Saks last thursday during the egc event, and my bag has not yet arrived! my SA (sandy at Bala Cynwyd) has been unavailable, so i haven't been able to get a tracking number. they have charged my Saks credit card, but when i called fed-ex and Saks customer service, they have no record of anything being shipped or en route!

    has anyone had a similar experience? just getting a little nervous...:confused1:
  2. When will your SA be available? If she is on vacation then I would escalate to the store manager who should be able to track down the tracking number for you.
  3. i went thru her too form the EGC.. mine arrived on tuesday and it was shipped from ca.

    i was able to get call her on monday and get the tracking number. any SA should be able to look up your tracking info.. especially if you havent received it by now...
  4. was the item to be shipped from that store ... or did she have to order it from another one
  5. it was being shipped from the store. i called this afternoon, and the SA said that she wasn't able to log in through Sandy's name, so I should try back again tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get a hold of her...i know the order went through, but it just seems like it wasn't shipped. worst case scenario is that it was shipped to the wrong address...
  6. well good luck .. hopefully she'll be in tomorrow
  7. I called fed ex, gave them my adress and they were able to tell me everything I needed to know without calling SAKS.
  8. Call and ask for Donna....she may be able to help u......or ask specifically for the shipping dept there and see if it went out there.I use that they should be able to help u
  9. So sorry! I was worried about my purse, too. I also ordered from that store - I placed my order on Wed. and received it this Tuesday.
  10. Same thing happened to me this week. Call the shipping department of the store where you placed an order and tell them that your items should have been shipped last week along with EGC card and ask them for a free overnight shipping (since it was there fault that they did not ship your items on time) and they will provide you the tracking # within a 30 min. That's what they did for me.
  11. ok i will do that. thanks!! hopefully it's just sitting at the store as opposed to in someone else's closet!! =)
  12. Wow, tonight I learned not to order an item to be shipped from Saks, anywhere in the US.
    There have been a couple of threads about mix-ups & stuff not showing in a timely manner. That makes me kinda hesitant, you know?
  13. Hope you get your bag soon...Good luck!
  14. i just talked to my SA, and she told me that the bag was actually received by my mailroom on the 23rd. i called the management office, and they found it! apparently it was labeled incorrectly. just wanted to let you guys wasn't sak's error :smile: i'm excited about getting my bag after work!
  15. Good news!! I am glad it arrived, enjoy it.