MY EGC BUYS...Plus last months buys

  1. Hi LADIES!!! Its's been awhile since I posted..
    I have been SO BUSY with my Seperation from DH..
    ( going on 9 MONTHS :wtf:) SINCE THEN I have found LOVE AGAIN:yahoo: and my new love LOVES Designer stuff and LOVES that I LOVE BAGS so I went alittle crazy.. He told me to get whatever I want ... Well I bought 3 bags... 2 last week and they got here yesterday (They did a pre sell they didn't mail out till monday) AND Today I went to Saks where I live here and bought another one...I just called my boyfriend and told him and he just laughed...
    ANYWAY Here are my new babies

    Hope everyone has been well:heart:

    BTW: I had the Grandshopping tote in black with gold hardware and sold it last month

    I Really wanted the silver harware so I bought it again..LOL (BEFORE THE INCREASE)



  2. I got these last month LOL

  3. wow! congrats on your new babies!
  4. Gorgeous bags! Congratz on your new finds!
  5. Congrats on a new (more understanding) love and GORGEOUS new bags!
  6. omg i'm so envious! i want that red timeless clutch!
  7. I love the GST and the timeless clutch. Although they are all gorgeous. :drool:
  8. Congrats lady...I see the separation from DH, has been good to you!!! :p

    Enjoy your goodies and your new love (seems very sweet and understanding):love:
  9. U GO GIRL!!!
    What a haul! Congrats.. especially LOVE the choc brown kelly!!!!!
  10. Congrats on your bags and the new love! :heart:
  11. Congrats!!! Love the red clutch and baby cabas especially.
  12. Congrats on your new love and your lovely bags!
  13. Sorry to hear about your separation but it sounds like you're getting over it very nicely!! :p

    Love your new bags and LOVE that your new man is so supportive - he's a PLB, I guess!!
  14. Oh WOW! All STUNNERS and congrats on the new PLB! Sounds like you may have met your soulmate! :graucho:
  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH ladies for all your nice words..
    Seperation IS NOT FUN AT ALL but life goes on and there is a reason for everything..What does not kill you makes you stronger...
    I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN AFTER 10 years of marriage..(maybe because I got a new boyfriend thats younger then my Ex Husband LOL)

    I love the GST and The Small tote...
    I LOVE THE SMELL OF THE BABY CABAS it is to die for ..

    BTW: Fanaddict what does PLB STAND FOR??? Thanks