my edith loaf came..

  1. my choco edith loaf came from aloharag today and it's super cute. :yahoo:

    i'm a little worried cos it didn't come with an chloe tag. :sad: do chloe bags come with boxes? because i really like to keep my bags in their boxes. :yes:

    i will post pictures when i get home from work! :smile:
  2. OOH! DYINg to see pics!!!
  3. i'm dying to see pics too, love that bag can't wait! Enjoy it
  4. hi ladies, here are the pix you requested! :P

    what do u think? the lack of a tag really bugs me! :Push: and i don't know if i'm wowed by it. mmm... i think it's kinda cute...

    and i might have been influenced by another thread... but the side leather is really smooth and the front is all pebbly... hmm...
    loaf1.jpg loaf2.jpg
  5. I like the bag, I like the color!
  6. Oh your bag is super super cute! :smile: How does it look unstuffed? It is very pebbly...and I love that! If you keep it unstuffed it'll soften the leather (if that is what you want).

    I agree with you about the tags. I would want ALL documents pertaining to the purse to be provided.

    I would love to see how it looks carried! It reminds me of my scrumply smooshy regular Edith. :crybaby: I want a loaf now!
  7. I think it is so cute and the texture of the leather looks nice. Can you wear it on your shoulder?

    Does anyone know what other colors the loaf comes in?
  8. cute, now i want one too!!!!
  9. o i know, i know! i actually wrote to chloe to ask. it comes in chocolate, black, whiskey and grey. :smile:

    and no, u can't wear it over your shoulder.
  10. It's really cute! Congrats!
  11. jeshika- yours looks great- mine was just weird because the front looked like a smooth bag and the back was all wrinkly on one side.
    If mine had looked like yours I'd be so happy right now.. Congrats!
  12. Yeah, unfortunately with Chloe bags you never know what kind of leather you'll get. I had to order two Ediths before I finally landed the "perfect" wrinkley, pebbly, smooshy one.

    I would love the loaf in brown. Yumpster!
  13. I love the loaf! I have one coming in Whiskey this week. It's a darling handheld.
    I liked the Edith but this pushed my over the edge...had to have. I requested a crumpled one :yes:. I'd like to have all the proper tags as well, though. We'll see.
  14. Oh, I think its super cute :biggrin:

    Really pretty, and looks so nice in that colour.
  15. i found the tags! heehee. silly me. i'm soooo relieved. i'm kinda bummed they didn't give me the box though. i like putting my bags in their boxes. makes them safe!

    oooh! kitskats, do post pictures when you get your loaf! i'm so excited that you got one too.

    i was torn between the 2. i liked the whiskey too.
    but the choco was just so delicious! heehee~