My edith finally arrived

  1. she is a med size Whiskey~ I love the leather and the smell~ Will bring her out this weekend!! ( or maybe even tonight)
  2. She's a beauty! Congrats!!! BTW is your leather couch a cream color? Can I just tell you that I love it?!!! ;)
  3. :heart: congrats~
  4. Yea my leather Couch I believe is in excat same color of balenciaga's calcaire. haha
  5. Congrats - she's beautiful (i'm biased though!)
  6. She's a beauty :love: Congrats!!!
  7. Just lovely! My ChloeSS, you've had a busy time lately with all your travels and bag acquisitions! Congrats!
  8. the only thing I am not very happy about is the leather.. is a bit too thick.. and not soft enough..
  9. ^^ Yes, it is MUCH different from the Paddington leather. But I think it will "break in" over time and end up just as beautiful. But it IS the most GORGEOUS color!
  10. ohh its beautiful!!! BTW maybe it's the lighting, but is edith's whiskey darker than paddy's whiskey color? It looks gorgeous nevertheless!!!! Congrats ChloeSS!
  11. It's very beautiful ChloeSS! Yes, quite an adjustment to the leather, but once you do, it's FAB!
  12. Congrats!
  13. :love:
  14. That is one of the prettiest Whiskey Edith's posted here! You must take her out more often. :biggrin:
  15. Beautiful! Enjoy!

    Still loving mine!