My edith bag arrived in a dirty dustcover that doesn't say "chloe" on it.

  1. So, I ordered the Muscade Edith bag that was on sale on NM:

    The thing is, the dustcover it came in does not say Chloe on it. It has no markings and is terribly dirty. The bag seems to be authentic (leather is real/quality, zipper says Chloe, inside stamping says Chloe, tags, etc) and it came from Neimans so it's probably auth.

    But I'm concerned that it didn't come in a Chloe box and the dustcover doesn't say Chloe. I'm thinking it was a return...

    Can someone verify that the bag is supposed to come like this, before I go calling NM.


    Here are some pictures:
    Pic of the bag.
    Pic of Stamping above zipper
    Pic of the super gross dustcover and tag/booklet that was inside the pocket

    So... should I call and complain? I doubt they have one I can trade it in for and it WAS 60% off. That's a darn good price for a bag I'm going to use to tote around a laptop in...
  2. To be clear: I'm not asking about authenticity of the bag, just about the dustcover for this particular Edith. I think they sent me the wrong dustcover.
  3. Mods, please delete this post. I shouldn't have even asked, I'm just going to return it.
  4. purly,
    The bag looks great!
    I have ordered 4 Chloe bags from NM & BG and none have come in a Chloe box, even at Chloe I've never gotten a box.
    The storage bag is a generic one, probably lost the original storage bag, it happens when the prices get down to 60% off -- GREAT DEAL by the way!
    Do you like the bag?
    Sure call NM and tell them you want a Chloe Storage Bag, hopefully they can find you one.
    Good Luck!
  5. justone, yeah I'm torn on returning it. I sort of feel like returning a bag for the lack of a Chloe dustcover is very superficial. It is a nice bag.

    Maybe if I complain a lot they'll send me a dustcover :smile:
  6. Most of the sale bags end up without dust bags.

    Gorgeous bag! Plus you did receive a round tag, which is many times missing, even at full price!

    I'd throw that nasty thing away (duster) and pack up your Edith with you laptop and enjoy it!
  7. I agree with chicbags. You got a gorgeous bag at a great price. I do understand your disappointment, but I think you will soon forget about it once you are proudly carrying that bag into meetings etc. Just think of your colleagues eyes when you pull out the laptop from that beauty!! :graucho:
  8. the bag looks really good, i wouldn't return it.
  9. This bag looks great,and if you've made a bargain,you should keep it.You won't have any problem for re-selling it.;)
  10. with all the recent sales i received bags both with and without their proper covers as well as tags if that helps at all...if you love it keep it! (and it couldn't hurt to call and ask for another cover, even if it's not marked chloe it should be at least clean)!
  11. I would keep the bag it was a really good deal. However, it wouldn't hurt to call NM and see if thet can get you a duster.
  12. The Chloe bags never come with a box. Sorry you didn't get a real dustbag though. Maybe you can call and buy (?) one from Chloe if you really want to.
  13. yep, agree, its a very very minor detail, and not something I would be worried about. Ofcourse call them if you are truly bothered, and they will find one from another Chloe bag, but my first Paddy from NAP, that was at full price never came with a Chloe dustbag, it came in a white net a porter one. I cant say this bothers me in the slightest.

    I hope now after a few hours, you have had time to fall in love with your real bag, and realise what a great price you got it for and that the dustbag really isnt a big deal :smile:
  14. It's a beautiful bag... You can always keep your eye out for a dust bag on eBay if NM doesn't come thru with one. I would keep it :yes:
  15. I ordered an Edith during the last big sale they had in December. It was half price. It came with a new, plain dust bag- the kind you get with fake bags at flea markets. I called CS and they sent me another one at no charge, and I did not have to return the cheap white one. But I did have to pay shipping, so my free dustbag cost about $10. I'm glad I did it because now I am tring to sell my bag and I think the dustbag is a good selling point.