My Edited to 10 Bags Collection

  1. Super modest collection compared to most of you, but I got out all my bags to check for maintenance/etc and thought I would share. I sold the majority of my collection at the beginning of the year and limited myself to ten bags. Here's what I kept, in chronological order of purchase. :smile:

    1) 1999 - Tom Ford era Jackie O. I think this was the first reissue. In blue canvas with black leather trim.
    2) 2003 - Marc Jacobs - Yellow Tote (I have no idea if this style has a name).
    3) 2004 - Kooba Sienna in Luggage (second issue I believe).
    4) 2005 - Marc Jacobs Stam in Black (also the second season).
    5) 2006 - Balenciaga City - Rouge VIF
    6) 2009 - Gryson Cybelle Top Handle in Black
    7) 2009 - Gryson Cybelle Top Handle in Moss Green
    8) 2011 - PS11 Classic in Black
    9) 2011 - AW Rocco Black/Brass
    10) 2012 - PS1 SKA in Bronze

    Pictures next. :smile:
  2. My Gucci. Love this color combo, plus I have a pair of heels, a black leather trimmed top/skirt and cashmere sweater from this same collection.
  3. Love love love the Stam although the awkward shape means it holds less than it looks like it should. The Yellow tote has been completely untreated and there isn't a mark on it. I think Marc Jacobs' leather holds up really well, although obviously I haven't bought one in some time. Still true?
  4. New PS fan. I think the PS11 may be my current number 1. :smile:
  5. My one Balenciaga. I wouldn't mind getting a black first or work (I had one in my hands when they very first came out, and didn't have the $750 for it as a grad student. Sob.) I love this red, and I wore this bag almost exclusively for 2 years I think? I need to bring it to ArtBags or someplace in NYC (any recs?) to clean/fix up some of the piping. Dark handles, I didn't know about FHO at the time.
  6. Joy Gryson was a designer for Marc Jacobs, and it shows. I love the Cybelle top handle. Got them on sale. Leather reminds me of Bal leather, very soft and slouchy. I like the off-beat take on a messenger.
  7. My current everyday bag (just got a prisma wallet to carry with). I love the studs on the bottom. Weight doesn't bother me at all. It's not as pebbled on the sides as many I have seen, but I like that it looks a little different, and again it is very slouchy (it is loaded up in the pic).
  8. Couldn't part with this bag. Still love it. Reminds me of a bag my mum would have carried.
  9. And here they are all together. Just for the hell of it. So small collection I know, but I love them all. I'm new to posting pics (I've only done it once before). They seem huge and I resized them down by 75%. :/ Anyway, hope you like. :smile:
    all bags.jpg
  10. Awesome collection! I wish I could get mine to a manageable size...
  11. Thanks! It was partially out of necessity. We have a lab puppy who chews everything and the only place I could be sure she wouldn't get at my bags was in my hope chest. Plus, I watched a few too many episodes of Hoarders! I cleaned out clothes and shoes too.
  12. OMG! Lol. After Hoarding numerous episodes of Hoarders on my DVR and having a little marathon, I too cleaned out a LOT of things that I owned several months ago. That show will scare you straight :smile: Lovely collection!
  13. beautiful collection! i love your bal and your alexander wang! stunning!
  14. good job collecting and editing!
  15. Nice variety in your collection.