My Eclectic Collection

  1. Hi! It's not much but I'm sure if I keep hanging around here, it will grow and grow!

    First Photo:
    Gucci Studded Horsebit Bag
    Isabella Fiore (I think it was part of her Lamb Chop collection), not sure of exact name.
    Mulberry Roxanne in Apple
    Enid Collins Brilliant Bird Bag

    Second Photo:
    Isabella Fiore Snakecharmer Bag
    Celine Boogie Bag in Red

    Third Photo:
    Marc Jacobs Stella w/ brass buckles (from 2002, I believe).
    1970's Liz Claiborne Tote that I :heart:
    Anna Corinna Mini City Tote
    Tod's Venghe Wallet - Coral / Pony Hair

    guccimulberrycollinsfiore.jpg fioreceline.jpg marctodsannaliz.jpg
  2. Oooh I love the IF bags, I haven't seen either of them before.

    Lovely collection ! :yes:
  3. nice collection.. :sneaky: mmmmmm, what will be your next purse?
  4. cute bags :love::love:
  5. nice collection, love the horsebit bag
  6. Sweet collection ^^
  7. DiagonalCC.JPG
  8. Nice collection.
  9. Very nice! I especially love your Gucci and Isabella Fiore. I love her designs.
  10. Nice collection!
  11. nice collection u got there.. i like the isabella fiore bag.. love the color too..thanks for sharing..
  12. love that red celine boogie...mmmm!
  13. Very nice....if you stick around, your collection will def.
  14. Thanks, guys! I really really have to get off this forum. My latest addition - White Gucci Hobo w/ grommets. :heart:

  15. Oh... I love your collection!!! That chanel is so gorgeous... love that colour!!! Awesome bags!!! Thanks for sharing :smile: