My eBay "watchlist" reads more like a wishlist than a list of stuff I'm going to buy

  1. Sometimes I just add things to my "Watching" list to come back and gaze longingly at them, knowing that I'm not really going to bid on it.

    Is anyone else this way? :p :p
  2. Your not the only one lol
  3. i do that ALL the time. :yes:
  4. Virtual shopping without the pain of spending money - count me in too!
  5. i do it too. :yes:
  6. You are not alone!
  7. Count me in!
  8. mee too!
  9. I do it too, especially handbags! :p
  10. Oh yeah....
  11. :sweatdrop: I would need TWO other jobs to pay for my eBay "wishlist".
  12. Yep! For several auction cycles I watched a supposedly $4,000 retail Louis Vuitton dress just to look at it every now and then. Even at the bargain price of $1,000 and then later $700 there was no way I was ever going to buy it!
  13. I keep items on the wishlist so if no one bids I am reminded to check and see if it comes down in price :smile:
  14. i do this too :p
  15. guilty! I have three MJ bags and a pair of Chanel earrings on my watchlist - just in case I come into some money within the next 3 days, 12 hours...:smile: