My Ebay Reveal x2! I got 2 steals!

  1. That ivory bag is amazing! I love the shape of the turn lock. Lucky girl! I really do need to get in on that italian leather!
  2. Great finds! I was eyeing that green patent Ashley too! I almost bid on it but then in a rare moment of restraint, I decided I already had a similar color bag so I didn't bid. Glad someone on TPF got it. LOVE the color! Katherine
  3. Congrats on your finds!
  4. Nice finds!! Congrats!!
  5. They're all beautiful. I'm drooling here in Calif. I looooove your fruit fob. Thanks for sharing, granny
  6. Great finds! Love the Ashley on you!
  7. Love your awesome eBay finds and those heels! Congrats!
  8. Congratulations, both are beautiful bags.
    I have a Sabrina and it's one bag I will never part with!
    Enjoy carrying them!
  9. AWWWW Big CONGRATS to you!! I know how much you have wanted this bag!! :smile: So happy you found one for a good price and shes a beauty!! So glad you got a good can be a little scary out there on evilbay! ;)
    I love this green color with navy and gray a lot!! :smile: I found the color went with a lot more then I thought it would! :smile: And you are so right...the color is very hard to capture in pixes!!
  10. You know I don't like this collection because I think that it looks cheap but this color is the bomb! This bag in this color looks more high dollar. I love it. I don't think it would be hard to find a new wardrobe for this one.
  11. Great Finds! and the Ashley looks gorgeous on you!
  12. woohoo!! i love the patent Ashley bags....its so pretty and i'm sure its even better IRL! good for you sticking to your guns and not going crazy on eBay esp. with a crazy butt seller. So happy to see your new goodies!
  13. Thank you!!! I never would have ever even seen this color if it wasn't for you!
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    Love them both, and that green is such a pretty shade! The Ashley looks wonderful on you!

    The fruit fob is so cute on the Ashley, too!