My Ebay purse is REAL, TG!

  1. My sister and I bid on the tall Paddington Black satchel (shopper?). It was available through danielleboutiques. We scored it at a great price of 800 dollars. Now this seller has this same purse up for auction (after the fact) starting at 1400 dollars (I believe a BIN). You should be able to see this purse if you pull up on eBay.

    Anyway we were wondering if the bag was a super fake. Nat and I couldn't wait for it's delivery to establish the fact. Well this Paddy isn't, actually it's right as rain. The leather is pillowy soft and everything lines up with our other Paddy's. So that's a relief.

    Also I'm really digging the size not too big, not too small.

    I'm going to work with my husband's camera this weekend and experiment with pics. I have to show you all my collection (and my sister's!!)

  2. Congrats Susie! Can't wait to see the pics! :popcorn:
  3. I was wondering about that eBay seller glad to know there bags are authentic they have plenty of nice bags.
    Congrats on a great bag and deal:yahoo:

  4. Thanks for being on the Authentication board. Your presence is a great help.:love:
  5. So happy for you that it worked out and that you have a real bag to love :yahoo: Do post pix when you get them, would love the see your bag!
  6. what a relief!! I heard she mixes authentic w/ fake in the past -- maybe she changed her ways! I'm dying to see you and your sister's collection. It sounds you two have been on a chloe spree : )

  7. Gag have we ever and our cc's are ready to explode. We said to one another enough, we're sated and ya know I think we really mean it :s .
  8. Congrats!!:yahoo: can't wait for pics =)
  9. Of course the ban won't last FOREVER! I just need a few months for the cc's to cool down.
  10. Congrats! I love that bag. I'm so glad your bag is authentic.
  11. Congrats! I actually stoped shopping on eBay because of so many fakes. It's great that you got a real thing!
  12. I'm so glad this worked out for you, although I'll admit to being a little envious! Congratulations and enjoy her.;)
  13. East Coast keep watching this vendor. Those tall Paddies have been in their inventory for a while (in three different colors, right?) and they wanted to unload some (hence the black and brown were ebayed off without a reserve). They have like what?? four more that we know of. Danielleboutiqes may perform that type of auction again. Also, submit an offer and see what they say??