My Ebay & Outlet Buys!

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  1. Well I recieved my black bleecker flap Saturday and i absolutley love it! I am a small purse kind of girl...i don't carry all that much and I love the rich black leather! I am also new to brass hardware and it is growing on me I must say. It fits great on the shoulder and the tattersall interior is :heart:.

    The J charm I got at my outlet a couple weeks ago and it looks washed out in the pic because of the glare but it is tan and lime green border and on the other side brown and lime green. Looks great on the bag!!

    I can't complain about the prices I got these lovely items for..$9.99 for the charm and $65 I believe not including shipping for the purse!



  2. Great price on the bleeker! Was that an ebay find?

    Congrats on your new goodies! :yes:
  3. Oh yes, bleecker was an ebay find...a very very early morning find :biggrin:
  4. I love the lining in that bag and I was going to get one but I realized that it's too small for me!
  5. MMMMMM tattersall lining! Gorgeous! Great purchases
  6. I love that bag. I bought the small Bleecker signature and it's very beautiful. I can't put to much in there but I love it anyways!!! Congratulations!
  7. Love the tattersall lining!
  8. the lining is :drool:
  9. Cute bag! Love the lining!! Great deals!!
  10. I love this bag!!!! So cute! Congrats!
  11. WOW, great buys! I love your new bag and charm! Congrats! :tup:
  12. That bag is so cute in all leather & tattersall! I have that J charm and use it on all my bags except for my belted ergo because it hooks itself on the belt being it's a J. lol
  13. That bag is lovely!
  14. As you can tell by my sig, I love that purse! I like the little cell phone compartment, this was my phone doesn't get all scratched up from being in my purse... you're going to love it!
  15. :biggrin: thanks guys