my ebay legacy shoulder bag is HERE!!!!

  1. and she's so pretty! I got such a deal on this $199.99!! I'll post pics very soon! It's the black signature one and its perfect! I'm so excited!!!!!!!
  2. Did you get it from eBay??
  3. Awesome! Cant wait to see pictures.
  4. here's my new favorite! and I added my collection in just for kicks:


  5. Wow! Great deal! And gorgeous bag!! Congratulations!
  6. wow - how did you get it for such a great price? is there ANYTHING off with it?

    (that bag is SCREAMING for a Lips Charm! hehehe)
  7. not a thing wrong with it, she described it as being used and a little scratched, but I don't see a dang thing wrong with it, the leather is great, the brass isn't scratched, it even came all wrapped in the original tissue with the little pieces under the front pockets. It came wrapped in the original tissue, with the plastic coach bag, in the coach box, with the receipt, a catalog and a perfume sample! I love this seller!! I am so so so excited and feel like I really got a steal!
  8. wow, great deal i wish i was that lucky on eBay. i have the same bag in khaki/black leather.

    enjoy ;)
  9. What is the name of this seller, if you don't mind me asking? Maybe I'll go check out some of her/his other stuff!!!


  10. ^ Oh, how rude of me...

    ... Cute bag by the way... CONGRATS! :yahoo:
  11. she doesn't have anything else for sale right now, but her name is sassyangel. Thanks for the kind words, I'm just so excited! I'm excited to show off my collection too!
  12. What a great deal you got!! Nice bag!!
  13. great bag! great deal! congrats
  14. Great deal on a great bag! congrats!
  15. congrats, what a cute bag.